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Majestic Inn Lamp Pull

I’m only 6 posts away from my 500th post!  Can you believe it?

This photo has no particular significance.  I just have always liked it and didn’t want to post merely text.  It’s a pull chain for a floor lamp that we saw when we stayed at the Majestic Inn and Spa in Anacortes, Washington a few years ago.

It was a great place to stay and a sweet little town close to one of the Washington Ferry Terminals.

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

Just a few pics from our Anniversary day. This window scene was from the front of a shop in Carefree. Looks like it should be on the front of a notecard.

Terry and I had dinner at Cartwright’s in Cave Creek. They have great fireplaces everywhere. These candles were right next to our table too. I’ll post more pics of the room soon. We had an excellent meal and topped it off with this creme brule! mmmmm…delicious! What a wonderful husband I’ve been blessed with. He’s always looking for ways to treat me special and dinner out is just one of those.

More anniversary details to come.

Thanksgiving in four places…

Location 1: Amy and Andrew had a nice quiet meal at home in their apartment in Tempe and made their first Thanksgiving meal together. It was kind of strange not to have them with us, but we totally understood that they wanted to enjoy their 2nd Thanksgiving holiday as a married couple, to begin some of their own traditions and create some of their own memories. It sounds like they had a beautiful day.

Location 2: Terry and I had dinner at our house with some of the Perkins family. It was our smallest Thanksgiving gathering in a long time, if not ever. For dinner there were only 7 of us! That’s less than our original immediate family of 8. We had mom(Grandma Jaye), Sharon and her friend John, Sharon’s son Russell (in photo above) and his girlfriend Shannon, Terry and me. We were so thankful to have Russ here this year, now that he’s home safely from Iraq.

Diane, Steve and Lisa had dinner with Steve’s family since his mom had just been released from the hospital the day before. They joined us later for dessert (lots of pie) and games (Apples to Apples). We had a 19 pound turkey and cooked 10 pounds of potatoes plus much more, so we had plenty of leftovers to send home with those who wanted them and we still have quite a bit here. It’s o.k. though, because we like leftovers. It was a gorgeous day outside so we set up the table in the backyard…one of the perks of living in AZ. The weather was perfect!

Unfortunately I got so involved in being the hostess that I forgot to take pictures when we were eating and playing…another reason why we missed Amy. She always remembers the pictures!

Location 3: Kevin is stationed near Spokane, WA right now and he wasn’t able to get home for this holiday. He actually spent Thanksgiving on the base and said that the turkey in the mess hall wasn’t too bad.

He and 3 of his (linguist) friends also drove 3 hours south to our friend’s house in Mabton, WA and had another turkey dinner on Friday. It was so sweet of Paul & Jane to host this meal for the guys. Of course, they’ve been loving our kids for decades and this is just another evidence of that. How awesome to have such dear friends there when we can’t be!

Location 4: Our new daughter-in-law, Erin was in Santa Clarita with her family there. Ever since Kevin graduated from language school, he’s been in Texas and Washington state on assignments that were too short for her to be with him, so she’s been living in SCV since the end of September. We look forward to seeing her again and to the time when they’ll be together.

Even though we couldn’t all be together we’re thankful that we could all be with people we enjoy and who love us. That’s a true blessing.

Sonoran Getaway – Tucson Arizona

Sonoran Getaway…

I’m back from our retreat and still catching up on sleep, housework and clean-up from the event. My house is pretty much a disaster from several weeks of neglect, but Terry and I are going out of town again this weekend anyway. This time it will be all relaxation and fun! The house and mess can wait a few more days for attention.

This weekend we’re hoping to see some evidence of fall. We’re going to Payson, which isn’t the best place for fall color, but several different sources list places to go near Payson to see the changing leaves. We wanted to go somewhere different and hopefully less crowded than the old standbys like Sedona. I’m sure we’ll have fun with the Haugens and Thrushes even if we don’t see much color. We always manage to make great memories.

We had an amazing time at the Leadership Catalyst retreat, but since I was working, I wasn’t able to fully relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. I did have a little bit of free time on Friday and Saturday evenings and was able to get out and take a few photos. Here are a few of my favorites. Most of them were taken without a flash to try to catch the lights in the background.

My favorite place at the resort is the huge patio with 4 or 5 open firepits and 2 chimineas for relaxing, chatting and lounging on the overstuffed chairs. It creates such a magical spot with a view of the city lights in the distance at night. On Saturday night, after the evening session we were hoping for a good seat by the fire. Unfortunately, the patio was full of U of A students with their parents, who were there for parent’s weekend. The hotel was totally booked!

Oh well, next time we’ll get a place by the fire. This time we managed to sit at a dark lower patio area with no fire nearby. We had a great view of the city lights though and wonderfully awesome company! Guess what the main topic of conversation was? Blogging! We educated a few of our friends on the art and value of blogging. We laughed a lot about Linda’s Pyrex postings and the culture of the blogging world!

This picture is of some of the gang that helped to make the retreat such a success. Of course, God was the key to all of it. The authors/speakers were simply amazing in delivering a life-changing message of grace and we had a great team back at the office that played a huge role in the detailed preparation over the last several months. These ladies were primarily at the retreat as a support to their husbands, but they were so sweet to help me too. (Left to right) Don was there for tech support & Carol helped me with whatever I needed at the moment. The surf board was there for decoration. Michele was a big help in clean up and moral support for the band. Her husband, Rand was a hit in the music department on Saturday night and Sunday. Linda drove down late Saturday night (you go girl!) and was also a big help on Sunday afternoon with clean up. Randy was the leader of the music and did an amazing job in putting together a fun and worshipful collection of songs. I was there for the details and Terry was there as a guitarist, mandolin player, background vocalist, my moral support as well as roommate & companion. What a fun group to hang out with and a treasure to have them as friends!!!

Halloween Costumes

In the spirit of all that is Autumn…

Here’s a fun pic of Amy & Kevin the first Halloween that we spent in SCV 1986.

Amy was a ballerina in a hand-me-down tutu (is that how you spell it?) and Kevin was a farmer, of course. We generally created costumes from thrift store finds and they turned out o.k. Nothing spectacular, but they had fun. The kids both have pretty creative minds so the fun was in the ideas, not necessarily the costumes.

Let’s see…here’s a list of a few of the costumes that they wore, not in any order. Sometime I’ll post some of the pics.

Indiana Jones
Lumberjack with full beard
Mormon Missionary
Peter Pan
A Nerd
A Bum
A Hippie

Bunch of grapes
50’s girl
70’s girl
Gift-wrapped present
Black Cat

I know there’s more, I just have to dig more through my old photo boxes. Some day I’m going to do a scrap book album just of their Halloween pictures. They are just so DARN CUTE!