Fort Myers, Florida (Part 3)

This is all I have time for tonight.  First thing this morning we decided to take some pictures in our hotel lobby because the colors are so much fun!  This is me and my mom (of course).  See how my new scarf matches the bench?

This is our view from the window of the restaurant where we had dinner tonight at Fort Myers Beach.  Isn’t it gorgeous!
We also saw Manatees today, or should I say little bitty glimpses of parts of Manatees.  I’ll post a picture later, but you won’t be impressed.  I need to go thru and figure out which shot actually shows enough of it that you can recognize something.  The water wasn’t clear, like it appears to be in the photo below (courtesy of  It was kind of exciting to see them though.  Did you know they’re called the “Cows of the Sea”?
Tomorrow we’ll be cruising to Cabbage Key.  Hoping to see dolphins along the way.
More pics to come…  Have a great Sunday!

Check out the gorgeous sunset that we had tonight!