Back to Day 6 – Weds – Fish Creek Falls
O.k., I realize that I’ve been sidetracked a bit from vacation for the last few posts, so now I’ll try to get focused and cover Days 6, 7 and 8 over the next few days, hopefully.

On Weds of our vacation week we went to Fish Creek Falls. It’s a short drive just outside of Steamboat Springs, so we decided to check it out. After the quick jaunt in the car, we had a short easy walk to the bridge at the base of the falls and decided it was a great spot for a photo op. Of course, Kevin hammed it up as usual.

You can see the beautiful falls in the background. Interestingly, when I was looking online for info about the falls, I came across a photo that was probably taken in the spring when the water flow is at it’s peak. Take a look at the difference between what we saw and what it would look like with full flow.

Soon after we arrived Kevin and Randy decided to do some rock climbing up to the base of the falls. They wouldn’t have been able to do it if the falls were full, but in late summer it was very manageable. Since Kevin just had flip flops on, he ended up going barefoot for his excursion. To give some perspective on the height of the falls, if you enlarge the 5th photo from the top you can see Randy and Kevin in the lower left corner of the picture. In the next photo you see Kev jumping from one rock to another (one of his favorite things to do).

Then back at the bridge I noticed this set of miniature clothes laying out on the rocks. Oops! Someone must have wandered a little too far into the creek…and here is the guilty party. Isn’t he cute and not phased a bit.

After our hike, I asked Kevin to hold the camera. Guess which pictures he took? Linda and I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Then just before we left Randy, Linda, Kevin and Terry started playing a game that Linda called “Water Bottle Smack Down”. She explains the game on her blog post here. You have to enlarge the pic to see the water bottles flying thru the air.

Sadly this was our last full day with Randy & Linda. They left early Thursday morning to do the 14 hour drive all the way to Phoenix in one day. We had a great time with them! What a blessing to have friends that we’ve known for over 30 years and have so much in common with. We hope to do it again soon.

You can visit Linda’s blog to see more about their trip too.

Our Last Day in Steamboat Springs – Day 9 (Part 1)

Just a warning…these posts may not end up to be in chronological order, but it doesn’t really matter. You’ll get the idea anyway. Our last day in SS was Saturday, the 22nd. There were just 4 things on my list of to-do’s before we left town.

  1. Pack the car and don’t forget anything
  2. Have breakfast at Winona’s
  3. Say goodbye to Kevin
  4. Go to the Saturday Farmer’s Market in downtown Steamboat Springs

We dropped off our keys right about 10 am and headed downtown to Winona’s. The only reason I wanted to go there was the tiny little ad that I saw in the local tourist paper touting their famous cinnamon rolls. The ad said that their cinn rolls had been mentioned in Gourmet, Sunset and a few other national magazines. My thinking was that if they were that good, they were worth investigating.

Winona’s was a tiny cafe with a few extra tables outside. Even though it was starting to get warm (80’s) we opted to sit outside, so we didn’t have to wait too long to eat. They had umbrellas over the tables, so the temps were fine. The pic here is our view of the mountain from our table.

After perusing the menu I decided on a single order of Crab Eggs Benedict with a cinnamon roll instead of toast. There was no way I would pass up the roll and miss the opportunity for a special treat.

The waitress brought our drinks, then while we were waiting for the rest of our food she set down the cinnamon roll in front of me. I couldn’t help but say, “Oh my gosh!!!” when I saw it and the lady at the next table laughed at me. Take a look at this thing compared to the size of the coffee cup! It was HUGE! Not only huge, but delicious too. The roll was warm from the oven and the frosting must have been ladled from a warmer because it was fresh, sweet, warm with a little touch of lemon flavor. Perfect topping for the sweet roll! Terry, Kevin and I all got to share it and we still had about half of it left to take on the road with us.
A little later our meals came. The guy’s food looked good, but mine was the best, I’m sure. The Crab Eggs Benedict was awesome with big chunks of crab throughout and the fried potatoes were seasoned just right. Of course, I couldn’t finish everything, but what I had was delicious and filling to prepare us for our road trip home.

After breakfast we said our goodbyes to Kevin. He had a 10 hour drive back to Omaha and wanted to get there that night. This is his new car, if you haven’t seen it yet. Pretty spiffy huh?

After he drove away, Terry and I walked across the street to the Farmer’s Market to pick up a few treats to take home.

First off, we wanted to get some more Palisades peaches to bring home. We had picked a few up on our way into town and they were the best I’ve had in years! It turns out that we’re not the only fans of these peaches. The presidential family made a stop in Palisades to tour the orchard the week before as well. We bought a bag of them at the first booth, then later saw these flats of huge perfect peaches and had to buy another flat as well. They were just that good and we knew we wouldn’t have any trouble sharing them!

We also picked up a couple of other treats while we were there: rhubarb preserves, homemade soap and Olathe corn. Next time we’ll try to get to the market when we arrive so we can buy food for the week. Everything looked great, but we weren’t sure how it would keep during our 2-day drive home so didn’t want to take the chance.

I immediately thought of Linda and her love of all things aqua when I saw this little aqua trailer in the middle of the market. Isn’t it sweet?

Not much time to post today…

We’re headed out to Rocky Mountain National Park, one of my favorite places in all the world – hoping to see some wildlife.

Here’s a shot that I took yesterday on our hike near Mad Creek, just outside of town. The water was so cool and refreshing!

Just a few minutes ago I looked out the window and saw a beautiful red fox crossing the lawn at our timeshare! It was gone before I could get a picture though.

Today is our last day to be out and about. I may not be able to post much until we’re home, but we’ll see. Tommorrow we start the drive home.

Have a wonderful day! More to come.

Day 5 – Gondola, Dinner and Music
Tuesday turned out to be the perfect day to venture to the top of Mt. Werner. The high temperature in town was 72 degrees and they said it was less than 8 degrees cooler at the top. We were concerned about it being windy, so we wore several layers to be sure we were well insulated if there was a lot of wind. Fortunately there was none to speak of. Whatever breeze there was, was welcome to offset the warm sun beating down on us. We rode the gondola to a little over 9000 ft then took several trails to enjoy the views and the mountain. It was such a treat to have such awesome weather and gorgeous scenery to enjoy.
You’ll notice that you hardly see Kevin with a straight face. He’s decided that he wants to look goofy in all of his pictures, so I have to try to sneak up on him to get him without a strang
When we got off the gondola, I saw this sign with the names of some of the runs. I thought it was funny that one was named Ted’s Ridge. We all know that Terry’s brother, Ted is NOT a skier and that the ridge should more appropriately be named Tim’s Ridge after his other brother that loves to ski. Oh well, what do they know.

Later in the day we drove downtown to have dinner at Mazzola’s, an Italian restaurant in town.

While we were there, Randy tried Calamari for the first time. Before he tried it, he didn’t seem to mind too much knowing that it was little baby squid with tentacles and all, but afterward, he didn’t seem too keen on having more. It was brave of him to try though.

Generally the food was pretty good. They brought Terry the wrong order and he had to wait a while for the right item while all of us were eating, but they made up for it by comping his item. I really liked my Lemon Scallops with linguini and the others liked their pizzas. It was a nice treat to eat out! After being a waitress for many years, I have to admit that I always enjoy being waited on.

When we got back to the condo the guys broke out the guitars and had some fun playing oldies from this huge binder of songs that Randy got from his brother. Funny thing was that his brother had inserted the wrong words in several of the songs and we had a good laugh at the words that he assumed were part of some of these songs.

I LOVE just sitting and listening to live music and singing, sometimes singing along. I am so thankful that our family and so many friends are musically inclined. It’s a gift to me whenever I get to have a night like this.

Day 4 – Enjoying our little vacation town
So Sunday night we all enjoyed a good night’s sleep, then decided to explore the little town of Steamboat Springs (population around 10,000). We headed down to the path that follows the Yampa River as well as the main highway that runs thru town.

Except for the fact that we enjoyed a nice walk in the refreshing mountain air, it was relatively uneventful. Afterward we came back, had lunch then took a drive downtown to check out the shops.

As soon as we got there, the guys thought Linda and I were taking too long in the first store so they ditched us to go find a music store. Kevin needed buy some guitar strings for later when the guys are gonna play together. We didn’t see them again for a long time.

Linda and I had a great time exploring all around town. We found some very unique and beautiful jewelry, but didn’t buy anything yet. We also went into a kitchen store and I found this awesome 3 tiered metal stand. It can be used for almost anything! Cupcakes, cookies, fruit, craft supplies, breads, etc. I can also thread ribbon thru the wire or add colored paper or doilies or whatever. I’m very excited about it!
When we were about halfway thru town the guys called us and were ready to meet up again. They had walked the length of town about 3 times and were getting tired. This is them coming down the street. Aren’t my boys silly.

We decided to get an ice cream treat in a nearby candy store too! Sweet – literally. Fun coincidence that Terry was wearing an ice cream T-shirt from Tillamook, Oregon.

Linda and I had found an old fashioned black & white photo booth in the local drug store and went back with the guys to do a couple of photo shoots. Randy & Linda did one together, then Terry, Kevin and I did one. The strips of pics came out pretty dark, but I’m hoping I can scan them and lighten them when we get home. I’ll post them if we can get them to look good. The expressions are priceless!

Check out this awesome retro gas station sign. Love it!

After we got back home, Linda was inspired to take some photos of these gorgeous peaches that we bought in Meeker. They are delicious! And the wine bottle that they brought coordinated so well in the color scheme that she just couldn’t resist the combination. Lovin’ this still life.

Later in the evening we spent time catching up online, loading and editing photos, etc.

We also gathered around the laptop to watch Miranda and Phoebe’s latest video release, which was so much fun! Thanks girls for sharing all the joy of your trip with the rest of the world. We wish we could have been there with you!