A Visit to So Cal

Just want to let you know that I’m having technical difficulties with Blogger, so I’m unable to do new posts.  This is an edited version of the last post.

We’re visiting family in So Cal.  The weather is gorgeous!  Much cooler than Phoenix, of course.  This is a picture of the view from Terry’s brother’s house.  Isn’t it amazing?  I love it!

Here’s a link to some photos I took last night.

Hopefully I’ll have more tomorrow if I can get Blogger to work.

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Visiting the So Cal Hanns
As mentioned before, a few weeks ago we decided on the spur of the moment to go to Southern California to see our kids. We had just found out that Kevin (who was living in Omaha) was hired for a new job in Mississippi and it was going to be just a couple of weeks before he had to start working. Since it had been over a year since we’d seen him, we asked if he’d be willing to fly to Los Angeles and spend a few days with us and Amy & Andrew before he moved to Meridian, Mississippi and he agreed. Yea!

Whenever we can work it out, one of our mandatory stops is a visit to see Terry’s brother, Ted and their family. They were a big part of the reason that we originally moved to Santa Clarita and we love spending time with them when we we’re there. We miss hanging out with them on holidays and for all of our kids’ activities, so we always look forward to whatever time we can have with them.  So we all planned to head over there after we checked into our hotel and Andrew got off work.

They live on top of a hill on a flag lot with a gorgeous view of the Santa Clarita Valley and when we pulled up, the sun was just setting, so I jumped out of the car and ran to the back yard to snap a few pics before the color was gone.

Then we enjoyed some delicious dinner that we picked up from StoneFire Grill in Valencia.  I miss this place and had been craving a BBQ Chopped Chicken or Tri tip salad with cilantro dressing!  Unfortunately, they ran out of the dressing, so I had to settle for another kind, but the salad was still great.  We also had some excellent BBQ Chicken pizza and a new kind, “Allison’s Creation” pizza which was so tasty as well.  I would love to have one of these places in Phoenix.  I tell you that we would be there all the time!  I’m sure it would be a hit here.

We had our dinner on the back patio with that amazing view of the valley.  So nice!

After dinner Terry, Kevin and Spencer decided they wanted to play guitars.  Fortunately, Spencer has 3 of them so they were all able to play together.  Lucas joined in with a little percussion as well.

All the kids are growing up so fast.  It won’t be long and they’ll ALL be adults and having kids of their own.  That’s just crazy to think about.  Wow!

We got an update from Terry’s brother last night and they have their most important items packed and ready to leave their house if they need to evacuate. The fires have come pretty close to them in the last day or so. If we were still living there we would have had to evacuate our home, but so far its still standing.

Here’s a little excerpt from their email.

So yesterday, we spent most of the day watching the news, thinking, “Wow!”…but thinking we weren’t really affected. But late last night, it started to change, and we kept watching it getting closer and closer because of the CRAZY wind. So I slept from 2-5 this AM, and Kristi slept from about 5-7. So we’re kinda tired, but as it NOW looks, the wind is in our favor. Of course, the wind seems to shift every 5 minutes (and they predict these winds to last through Thursday), so we’re still on alert. But Spencer gets to have fun on the roof with the hose, and Lucas gets 2 days off of school, so there’s always a silver lining!”

Be in prayer for all those families that are out of their homes. Some will go back to rubble and some to the place they love…its a very traumatic time to say the least…and imagine what you would take if you just had a few minutes to grab things.

Agua Dulce “Buckweed” Wildfire:

Some of the fires in So Cal are dangerously close to our old neighborhood and there’s an evacuation station set up at Amy & Kevin’s old high school! If you click the link above to the map, imagine that we lived near Copper Hill and Bouquet Canyon Roads.

Here’s more info as well.

We had some close calls when we lived there, but not as close as this is and there were times when there was so much soot and ash in the air that it looked like a war zone. We still have lots of friends and family that live in that area.

Those wildfires can be so unpredictable, especially with the strong winds they’re having. There are wind gusts of up to 30 mph which is making the fires so difficult to contain. At least 25,000 acres have burned and mandatory evacuations are happening now.

I’m sure this is all very scary for them…so please keep them in your prayers.

Makes me glad I’m not in So Cal anymore!

Earthquake news here: Now a 4.6 quake isn’t usually too big of a deal, but it’s interesting that the White’s Canyon Bridge was affected. Terry used to use this bridge almost daily on his way to work. It’s just a few miles from where we lived.

I’ll be emailing our friends who live near there to see if it impacted them much. I’m guessing it may have woke them up, but that’s about it. Mainly it’s just unsettling and makes you wonder when the next BIG ONE is coming…not a fun thought if you live in that area.

Still glad that I don’t have to deal with those issues anymore.