Free Classes at Pottery Barn!

Did you know that Pottery Barn offers free decorating classes?

That’s right!  You can search for the store nearest you and sign up for classes anytime.  And remember, just because they’re demonstrating with Pottery Barn items, doesn’t mean that you have to buy from the store (although that’s what they’re hoping for).   You can find many similar styles and pieces at other stores (like Target or Ikea) or even nice used items if you’re patient and enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

A few that they’re offering in the coming month that sound really interesting are:

Now here’s a class that could be really fun and inspiring!  Since we live in Phoenix and we don’t see much in the way of seasonal change, I make sure to do what I can to make it feel like fall around the house.   And again, you don’t have to buy all your decorations from PB, although they always have some great accent items for the seasons.

Can you dream?  Of course!  Imagine all the great tips you could get from a class like this.  Wow!  I hope I get a chance to stop by one or both of these.

Mason Jar Candle Lanterns

These sweet lanterns are on sale for $7.50 at Pottery Barn, but I’m sure I could make them cheaper at home.  All it takes are the jars, sand, candles, wire and wire cutters.

Hopefully I’ll have some time to work on it later in the summer when we get back from Bosnia.  If I do, I’ll post some “how to” photos and Mason jars come in different sizes and shapes which would make them even more fun.

Aren’t they cute, though?