So I guess my posts must be getting pretty boring because the volume of comments has come to a screeching halt. Sad for me…I miss you, my visitors.

These photos are from Pemaquid Lighthouse in Bristol, Maine. We stopped there on the way from Bar Harbor to Portsmouth, NH. It was a gorgeous spot! More to come…

The reception that I’ve been coordinating is coming up this weekend. I’m looking forward to it for several reasons:

  1. It will be the first event where I’ve had a reasonable budget and have not had to do absolutely everything myself, so it should be more relaxing than other events that I’ve coordinated.
  2. We hired a “real” caterer (Fabulous Food) and we’re serving Norwegian food in honor of the bride and Mexican food in honor of the groom. I can’t wait to see how the food is displayed and how it tastes. I’m really hoping to have time to take some pictures.
  3. The hosts are stringing white lights all over the yard and we’ll line the driveway with special luminarias, so it should be quite magical (more photo ops)
  4. The RSVP guest count actually ended up being almost exactly the original target number. We had the potential for double that amount and I was a bit nervous.
  5. Once this event is over, my schedule is wide open with no big activities until our vacation in December, then the holidays. I’m looking forward to being able to concentrate on home, family and friends for the rest of the year. That includes more blogging time as well.

More news!

  • Check out Amy’s news about her photography business. Great things are happening so you’d better book her before her prices go up any more.
  • We had a fun time with Terry’s mom this weekend. I wish she lived closer so we could do more with her.
  • My brother, Pat is back in town from Ohio. That’s a long story. He is looking for a one bedroom apartment or a room to rent so let me know if you hear of anything.
  • Kevin has moved on to the western U.S. for his training. He’s busy, busy – training 7 days a week. Sounds like he’s still on track for going overseas in the next few weeks. I wish we could see him before he goes, but right now it’s not very promising.
  • Our ladies’ bible study meets for the last time next week, then we’ll break for the holidays. We haven’t decided for sure if we’ll continue in the Spring, but it’s looking like a possibility.
  • I’ve committed to organize the food for an upcoming ladies retreat at church at the end of January. I’ve already got some fun ideas, but need to get my budget before I can do any definite planning.

Finally! A bit more about vacation and inspiration…
As I started thinking about all that still needed to be said about vacation, I realized that there’s probably much more than I should post at one time, so we’ll see how this ends up.

I mentioned Bar Harbor, Maine in the last vacation post, but missed a couple of key stops, that I’ll fill in now.

So much of what I saw and experienced inspired me to make time in my busy life to do something creative. To get back to drawing or writing or something totally different than the other activities of my day. I get to dip my toes in it with my blogging and photography, but I’d love to do more. We’ll see if I can make that happen.

While we were there I also learned that many of my favorite artists and writers lived in New England. Why was it such an inspiring place? I’m still trying to figure that out, but there were several obvious clues. The surroundings are absolutely beautiful and I can see why the cool damp weather would encourage a person to stay inside and use their imagination to take them to new places.

One day when we were in New Hampshire we went up the road to Franconia to visit the home where one of my favorite poets, Robert Frost, summered for over a decade and a half. They call it “The Frost Place“. It was a cozy little spot with this amazing view of the valley and the mountains on the other side. The day we were there, the mountains had received a dusting of snow overnight. The house was quite small and simple by today’s standards, but had a big front porch. I could imagine the poet sitting on that porch or on a bench under a tree writing his amazing poems.
After my experience of having a dad that was an iron-worker who didn’t say much, I wondered what it must have been like for his 6 kids to have a poet for a father. How in the world could he find time to write with all those kids around. Wow! He must have been an awesome man with such a tender and creative soul.

If you’ve never read any of Robert Frost’s poems, check out a few of the more popular ones, like “The Road Not Taken“. It’s a classic. We saw hundreds of stone walls, just like he describes in “Mending Wall“. Take a look. I think you’ll like them.

Our next creative stop was the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland, Maine. It houses the works of three generations of the Wyeth family. NC Wyeth was a book illustrator in the early 1900s. I would love to find some of the classics with his illustrations. They were gorgeous! His son, Andrew Wyeth started as a teenager and did much of his painting in watercolors or egg tempera. I remember learning about him in high school. His work was so detailed. You appreciate it even more so, if you’ve tried to paint with watercolors. It’s not easy to get that kind of detail.
Then Jamie Wyeth, who is still living, went on to follow in the footsteps of the previous generations. I thought Andrew would like his photo of the shark’s tail. Read the pic of the description about it too. I think Andrew would be great friends with Jamie.

And last on my list of inspirations was a new artist that I discovered while at a cafe in Bar Harbor. Her name is Neiley Harris and I LOVE her paintings of nature, trees, fruit, flowers, etc.. She has a website and a blog that show her work and the process as well. Someday maybe I can buy one of her paintings when I can afford to get original art. Actually her pieces are really quite reasonable compared to more well known artists. I guess we’d better buy them soon, before she gets too famous.

All in all, these visits made me want to retire from working and just be creative in whatever way I can find to do it. But since we know that’s not going to happen any time soon, I’ll just have to squeeze in some creativity along the edges somewhere.

We’re Home!

I haven’t had time to post on the last few days of vacation, but will do that by this weekend. Keep checking back for pictures from…

Bar Harbor, Maine
Acadia National Park
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
and more…

It’s nice that the mornings are cooler in Phoenix now. Makes it feel more like Fall.

Today we’re in Bar Harbor, Maine!

No time to post much since we’re heading out to Acadia National Park today. Jay & Sharon said this was one of their favorites last year. We’re finally getting some sun, so looking forward to a gorgeous day.

I can already tell that I want to come back to Maine and stay at least a week…or a summer would be nice too. It’s just as you’d imagine, ocean, streams, islands, boats, trees, gorgeous old houses, quaint little shops, cafes and everything dripping with history.

We’re staying at the Hummingbird Suites. The photos don’t do it justice. It’s so cozy and clean and has every little amenity as if you’re in your own home. A variety of chickens are out back, with a wonderful hammock and an inviting nature trail into the woods. I’ll try to get photos of the chickens. They’re cute.

We had some delicious lobster last night at Poor Boy’s Gourmet. Hoping for more great stuff today. I’ll try to post pics tonight if we get in early enough.

If we were in town longer, we could even take a ferry to Nova Scotia!!!! Can you believe it? That will have to wait until our next trip. Then maybe we could go to Prince Edward Island too. Anyone else want to come with us?

For now, that’s it. We’re heading out for our next big adventure. Oh, and still no moose…

Counting down to “V” day!

“V” minus 5 and counting. 5 days until we go on vacation to New England. Can’t wait!

Today, I printed out a Frommer’s article about Acadia National Park in Maine which we’ll be visiting later in the trip. It mentioned something about carriage rides and whale watching tours in the Fall, so I’m hoping we get to do that.

Check out this slide show of photos of the park by David Patterson at Pretty cool stuff!

Got some other good news today too. I’m helping to plan a reception for some friends and it was set for Oct 18th, which is really soon after we get back from vacation, so I’ve been scrambling to get as much as possible done before we leave.

Good news is that the couple decided to move the date to NOV 1st, which works out SO MUCH better for most of those involved. Turned out that one of their friends was getting married on the 18th, plus some other activities that would prevent people from coming. So, now I have a few extra weeks to pull things together. I’m just about to finalize the caterer and have secured my A/V guy (our friend Don at Valhalla Sound – He’s such a great hard working guy that will bend over backwards to do whatever needs to be done. He’s got amazing rates on all kinds of equipment sales and rentals. You should check him out if you’re planning an event.)

Now I need to reprint the invitations (good thing most of them didn’t go out yet). It makes me realize that it was for the best that my home printing didn’t work well (it smeared) and I had to go to a printer. If I had done them myself, they would all be mailed already. Now it’s just a dozen or so that the couple needs to contact with the change.

I still need to finalize flowers, linens and a few other odds and ends, but I’m feeling pretty good about things now. The next five days will be busy, but then I can relax and enjoy vacation.

Another tidbit: We may end up with Kevin’s cat, The Professor temporarily while he’s away in the Middle East. There’s one last option, but if that doesn’t work, we didn’t want him to have to give the cat away, so we’ll see what happens when he gets here and meets our cat, Shredder. I don’t really like the idea of having 2 cats here for those who visit us that are allergic, but it should only be for 6 months or so.

Also, I’m approaching my 300th blog post, so I’ll need to do something special for that. Stay tuned…

Now I’m off to meet the caterer at the home where the reception will be. We need to determine the space layout in the backyard for people, food, etc. Space planning – really one of my favorite things. I already have a diagram drawn up.