Newport Oregon

Not much energy to write…long story…had a long night with noisy neighbors, then did a lot of walking today. It was cloudy all day and rainy for some of it, but still had a great time. I’ll post some pics of our adventures today and write more later. I’m guessing that no one’s reading anyway because they’re all busy with Harry P.
Went to Yaquina Head Lighthouse and walked up and down all these steps to the top.
Explored the shops in Newport

Saw lots of ships, fishermen, a seal and a jellyfish in the harbor.
Had more delicious seafood!
Discovered a new holiday – International Talk Like a Pirate Day – Sep 19

Point Pinos Lighthouse Pacific Grove

Pt. Pinos Lighthouse in Pacific Grove just after sunset. It’s a pretty cool place. The photo of Kevin was taken at the beach generally across the road from the lighthouse. Ever since he could walk he has LOVED to climb on rocks and throw rocks in the water. He could do it for days, I think. I like the graininess of Kevin’s photo. I think he looks like an Ambercrombie model. Click to enlarge for the best view.