After several years of trying to figure out a way to reduce my hours in my job at Leadership Catalyst, we’ve come to the realization that, due to the nature of my role there, it’s just not practical to have someone who’s not there full time, 5 days a week. Because I believe that the Lord has laid it on my heart to have some more time at home for family, friends, church, etc., we’ve decided to take a step of faith and begin looking for a different job that will allow me at least one more day a week at home.

I didn’t want to leave the Catalyst team (this photo is most of the team and spouses at our Christmas party) without enough transition & training time, so even though I don’t have another job yet, we’ve already started looking for my replacement (a bit uncertain on my part, but best for all involved, I think).

If you have an idea of someone who could fill an Events Manager role for Catalyst or (for me) a more flexible 3-4 day a week job in the Phoenix area, I’d love to hear from you. I’d also be happy to send along the Events Manager job description for potential candidates and/or my resume if you want more info on my work history and variety of experience.

Please keep this transition in your prayers. As you can imagine, with all the upcoming events that Catalyst has in 2008, there’s never really a good time for a change like this. A few possible candidates have surfaced for the Events position, but our goal is to find a very skilled person who can get up to speed quickly to fill that full time role. We’re trusting God for the next step for me as well. I’m excited and wide open on the possibilities that He may bring along.

Thanks for your prayers and any help you might be able to give in the way of referrals, etc.

Lunch at Dick’s Hideaway

The team at Leadership Catalyst , as well as a handful of dear friends and alumni of the ministry got together for an extra special lunch to celebrate the organization’s 12th Anniversary.
I promised John that I’d try to get a pic of him without a weird face or his mouth open, so here are the two that I got below. Sorry John, the other 3 or 4 didn’t look too good.

We celebrated at a “secret” place called Dick’s Hideaway. You would never know it was there, if someone didn’t tell you about it. I’m so glad I’m in on the secret, because it’s such a fun place to go. The private dining room can be booked for larger parties of up to 24 people and it feels like you’re truly in a secret room…filled with floor to ceiling wine racks on 2 walls, a small adobe fireplace next to the entrance and the tables and doors are all covered in gleaming copper. I’m not sure how much more Arizonan you can get in the “Copper State”.

Dick’s is owned by the same people as Richardson’s which is around the corner in the same building and the relatively new Rokerij, which is just a few blocks north. I had a chance to stop for lunch at Rokerij (I have no idea how to pronounce that, but apparently it gets its name from the Dutch word for smokehouse.) It’s a cozy, dark and quirky little place with a ground level dining area and a cool bar area with a fireplace and a couple of booths in the basement. They even had a fire going in the middle of summer, which was odd but made for some great ambiance. We had burgers and they were very tasty! I’d go back to try more of their menu.

Anyway, back to Dick’s Hideaway…the food is technically Cuisine of New Mexico. Wherever it comes from, it’s got a Mexican flair and is unique and delicious! Some of the dishes lean toward the spicy side so be sure to ask if you have a sensitive stomach. This is definitely a place that we need to bring Jay and Andrew. They would LOVE it! Here are pics of a couple of the lunches. First one is a “seafood” salad topped with a grilled Ahi steak! It also had miniature zucchini and yellow squash and looked awesome! The other was one of the specials, which included a pork enchilada, bacon wrapped shrimp and a jalepeno pepper stuffed with tasty mashed potatoes. I’m sure there was more to the potatoes, but I just know they were delicious!

I also just found out that they’re open for breakfast too. That would be quite an adventure. Who’s up for it?

Hours: Monday-Sunday 8:30 AM TO 12AM

Leadership Catalyst Getaway at Bo’s Cafe March 1-4, 2007

Last week our organization hosted our 2nd marriage retreat for executive couples called the Getaway at Bo’s Cafe, which is why I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’m the Events Manager so I get the privilege of coordinating all the details for these events.

These are the 3 guys who are the authors and presenters in the organization (L to R – John Lynch, Bruce McNicol, Bill Thrall). They did the majority of the teaching for the weekend. I love these guys! They’re an awesome trio, each with their own strengths and contributions to the group.

We held the event at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort in Tucson and it went very well with very few glitches. Here are a few pics to give you a feel for the weekend.

When we got back to our room the first night we were greeted with lots of goodies (one of the perks of being the event coordinator…they want to keep you happy). Besides a plate of fresh fruit, chocolate dipped strawberries, chips and salsa (like the ones Linda mentioned in her blog) we also received a cool plate of chocolates including these chocolate cacti. I was going to save them for our get-together on Saturday night, then forgot to bring them over to the Hospitality Suite. On Sunday, when we were packing up to leave they were still sitting there waiting for us, so I forced myself to eat them on the run as I was packing up the last of our stuff. They were delicious! One milk chocolate, one white chocolate and the biggest one was dark chocolate. My favorite! How did they know?

On Friday night Don & Carol, and Terry & I had a chance to meet some old friends who live in Tucson for dinner. Dave Argentati used to play steel guitar, mandolin (I think) and guitar in a band with Terry many years ago. We had recently reconnected with him and met his wife Kathrin. It was so much fun to catch up on their lives and get to know them both better. We went to El Charro Cafe for mexican food. The restaurant happens to be celebrating their 85 anniversary this year. I can see why they’ve been around so long. The food was excellent! Check out Dave’s music site and if you live in the Tucson area, go check out their band some time. We’re hoping to go down and see them play when we have a chance.

Because it was the second time around for the event and we had more help with set up from the LCI team on the first day of the retreat, I actually had a bit of time to relax during the weekend.

I was able to join Linda, Michelle and Carol beside the pool. As you’ll see from their dress, it was pretty cool, especially in the shade, but the sun felt good and we enjoyed the time together on Saturday afternoon while the guys rehearsed for their performances that night and in the morning.

On Saturday night after our big dinner, most of the support team went to the Hospitality Suite to kick back and relax for a while. There was a huge balcony off the suite with a beautiful view of the city, golf course and nearby mountains (see below-enlarge to get the best view).

So all in all, it was a success on many levels, and based on the feedback we’ve recieved so far, the teaching made a huge impact on the couples that attended. Those who are familiar with the principles of grace and trust that are the core of Leadership Catalyst, know how life-changing they can be. These retreats are our way of introducing those principles to couples who may not have heard about them before, especially in relation to their marriage. It’s an amazing thing to see how God can impact a marriage, family and beyond when a husband and wife understand how His grace and protective love can work in everyday life. What a blessing! I’m so honored to have a small part of bringing this message to the world and I look forward to seeing where God will be taking it in the future.