Happy 35th Anniversary to Us!

Today Terry and I celebrate 35 years together.  This is a picture of our wedding invitation, created by our precious and talented friend, Gary DeLacy.  It was printed on a 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch piece of clear plastic and we couldn’t understand why our parents complained about the small font.  Now we understand.

Wedding invite close up

We won’t actually be doing much celebrating today, but will enjoy some special time together later this week. You see December is a great month for a wedding, but a crazy month for an anniversary.  There are always so many other things going on and so many other things to spend money on that we’ve often celebrated in January or February. But this year we’ll have a chance to get out of town for a few days and just hang out together. No big presents, no big parties, just time together, which is my favorite kind of anniversary celebration.Terry and Nancy

So in honor of the big day, here are 35 things I love about my husband…in no particular order

  1. he’s willing to go on all kinds of adventures with me.
  2. he loves Jesus
  3. he loves our kids
  4. he loves to read and was the most creative reader for our kids.  He did voices and everything!
  5. he keeps me warm when I get cold
  6. he’s a talented musician – guitar, mandolin, harmonica, bass, banjo…
  7. and humble about his gifts and talents
  8. he’s so smart about all kinds of stuff and he’s really good with numbers
  9. he loves astronomy, history, music, sports, food…
  10. he loves chocolate almost as much as I do
  11. he’s a funny guy
  12. he’s stuck with me for 35 years
  13. he encourages me to follow my dreams even when they’re things that he wouldn’t dream of doing.
  14. he loves to drive on road trips
  15. he always willing to drive (so I can fall asleep on the way home)
  16. he takes good care of himself
  17. he has always taken good care of our family
  18. he’s really good at setting up technical stuff, like connecting the cable box to the TV and receiver and Roku and all
  19. he’s steady and strong
  20. consistent and committed
  21. he works hard at his job, but doesn’t make it more important than his family
  22. he loves to travel and has always been committed to making it a priority for our family
  23. when we were dating he drove all the way across town to pick me up for church even though he lived a block from the building
  24. he does all the yard work even when it’s 115 degrees
  25. he laughs hard with me about the silliest things, even to the point of tears
  26. he kills bugs and takes out the trash
  27. he’s good at researching purchases, trips and all kinds of stuff
  28. he let me have a cat (for 21 years) even though he wasn’t a Cat Person. He fell in love with that cat too, even though he wouldn’t admit it for the first decade or so.
  29. he lets me host big get-togethers with friends and family even though his ideal size group is about 6 people (including us)
  30. he’s great at grilling AND always helps with clean up
  31. he goes to musicals with me and doesn’t make fun of them, even though he thinks they’re kind of silly
  32. he’s romantic
  33. he lets me take pictures of his food when we’re out for dinner, and he stops and waits when I want to take pictures (without complaint) wherever we go.
  34. he’s flexible and accommodating
  35. he loves me so much more than I deserve! (of course, you can probably tell that)

I’m so thankful that God brought us together. I think I’ll keep him around for another 35, if he’s willing.

Terry and Nancy at Hand in Hand

Living in the Room of Grace…

This morning was a 4 tissue Sunday.

If you know me, to say that I cry easily is an understatement. Kodak commercials do it. A crack in someone’s voice or even a hesitation when I know they’re trying to collect themselves can do it. It’s hopeless. I’ve given up trying to stop it, so I just go with the “flow” so to speak (pardon the pun).

I cry a little bit nearly every Sunday at church, but some days are worse than others (although I don’t consider it to be a bad thing). I feel bad for the people who sit near me just because I’m sure they’re trying to figure out what’s so upsetting. Is she a non-Christian that’s realizing her need for Christ? Is she struggling with some hurt or sin that she can’t let go of? What is it that’s making her cry all these tears? The good news is that it’s usually happy crying. Oh, there are times when it’s a struggle over something, but the majority of the time God just fills me with the reality of how much HE really LOVES ME!!! It happens so much since we’ve been back at Open Door Fellowship. Listen to the messages. They post them online. They’re ALWAYS awesome and full of the reminders of our identity in Christ and His gift of grace. WOW!

Anyway, this morning was wonderful as usual. Randy picked a couple of my favorite songs and the guys played beautifully: I Can only Imagine by Mercy Me (I want that played at my funeral by the way.) and Enough by Jeremy Camp, (Choose the “Carried Me” CD at the website and you can hear a bit of the song).

Stuart Black gave the message. He talked about Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler in Matthew 19:16-30. He talked of how Jesus could have slammed him for what he said, but instead chose to demonstrate that unfathomable love and grace that He has for all of us. Boy, is He a patient God! How sad that the ruler chose his own earthly riches over following Christ. I am so glad that I chose Christ so many years ago. I haven’t ever regretted it!

I don’t know exactly what it was that I heard that touched my heart so strongly today, maybe a combination of things, but before I knew it I was overwhelmed by the love of God and the reality that I’m one of his special children and that’s all I really need to know to get through any day or situation. It was a good day!