Home Group

We go to a home group twice a month with some new and old friends from our church. God has already knit our hearts together in less than a year of knowing many of these folks. We enjoy just getting together and sharing what’s going on in our lives, encouraging one another and praying for each other. We had a small group on Thursday. There were about 6-8 people who couldn’t come, but we still had a great time.

Randy & Linda are always such wonderful hosts. Their home is so welcoming inside and out. When the weather’s right, we sit out in their backyard by the fire with white lights in the tree. It’s magical!

I took a few pics last time we met. The ones without flash are blurry of course, but I like the glow. I asked for a remote control for my camera for Christmas so next year I’ll be able to take these pictures on a tri-pod with my remote without making the camera shake. Won’t that be cool!