In Limbo…

This week I feel like I’m in a strange state of limbo. The Christmas season is beginning, but I’m also getting ready to leave for a 10-day vacation on Thursday, right in the center of the holiday season. I tried to do some shopping this weekend, but ended up just wandering around a lot and only got a few things. We’re partially finished decorating the house and setting up the tree (which I’m supposed to be doing right now) but just can’t bring myself to get in the mood. I think part of it is that the kids aren’t in town this year. Kevin won’t be home at all and Amy & Andrew won’t be here except a couple of days right after Christmas. In my mind I know that they’re grown now and this is an inevitable season of life, but I still miss spending time with them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about our trip (to Maui-how can I complain!), but it’s not at a time that I would have chosen and it’s with co-workers that I don’t know that well. They’re all wonderful people, but to think of spending 10 days with casual friends is a little daunting even for someone like me. Imagine what it’s like for Terry, who barely knows any of them and isn’t crazy about mingling with new folks in the first place. I’m looking forward to getting to know them better and finding out what they’re really like away from the office. We’ll also have some good chunks of free time alone intermingled with the group activities. Plus, I’m sure we’ll have tons of fun and make some great memories and grow closer as a group. It just feels like a strange time to be away from home when this is the time that we usually enjoy lots of gatherings with friends and family.

I’m sure no one feels sorry for us for “having” to go to Maui, and as I said, I’m really looking forward to a wonderful trip. Just pray for us as we prepare our home for the holidays and prepare our hearts for our time away.