2010 North Rim Visit

As I sit here on the porch of the General Store at the North Rim, (the only place within miles where you can get wi-fi), I’m enjoying the cool breeze and anticipating a grand sunset tonight.

Yesterday we met our friends Marshall, Cathy, John and Suzi.  We all chipped in to make an amazing meal and enjoyed good conversation and good wine around the campfire.

Today we had breakfast at the Grand Canyon Lodge this morning, then did a little exploring around the rim.

Here are a few shots from our trip so far.

Not sure if I’ll have time to post more until we get back, but enjoy these for the moment.

The weather is perfect up here!  The only downside is the fact that they’re doing some controlled burns on the south rim of the canyon, so we can see the smoke at times.  Not horrible, just a little distracting for pictures.

Bird’s Eye View of the Grand Canyon

A few more pics from the plane ride…

This is what the sky looked like when we took off from Boise.  It was cloudy and windy, but the takeoff was as smooth as silk.  Phil and Mark are great pilots!

On the way home we flew over the Grand Canyon.  Isn’t it gorgeous from 40,000 feet?

National Parks on My Bucket List (continued)


I just added to my bucket list that I want to visit all the National Parks in the U.S. before I die.
There are 58 of them and we’ve been to 22 already, so we’re off to a good start.

Of course, there are at least 5 in Alaska, so we’re going to need to take a long trip or several trips “North to the Future” (their state motto). I’ve always thought it would be fun to rent an RV up there and just hit the road. I think that might make things a little easier since hotels and restaurants are few and far between. Anyone want to join us?

Here’s a picture that I took just this week when we were at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon with our friends, Cathy & Marshall. It was just perfect up there. Gorgeous weather, great friends, fall colors and amazing beauty.

This is Terry and I at Angel’s Window. If you click to enlarge, you’ll see people standing on top of that formation and you may also be able to see the Colorado River at the base of the canyon thru the window.

We are very blessed to have so many National Parks in relatively close proximity to us. Can you believe that there are still a few in Arizona that we haven’t visited yet?


National Parks America’s Best Idea – Mini-series

Have you been watching this new mini-series on PBS ?

We just watched the first episode and it brought tears to my eyes several times. There’s just something about the majesty of the nature in our National Parks that makes me so thankful that these pieces of earth were set aside and preserved for us and future generations.

I’m so glad that we’ve had a chance to visit many of these parks and to take our children there. I look forward to someday being able to share them with our grandkids as well.

Did you realize that there are almost 400 National Parks and Monuments? Wow! Here are a few of the parks that we’ve visited that will be covered in the series, with links to more info about each one:

Acadia (Maine)
Denali (Alaska)
Grand Canyon (Arizona)
Yellowstone (Wyoming)
Yosemite (California)

And here’s a link to a list of all of them. See how many you’ve visited. What’s your favorite? I know it’s hard to choose.

One of mine is probably Yellowstone because of the wide variety of things to see and the sheer size of the park.

I also love the rustic architecture in the parks. Someday, I’d love to be abel to stay at all the different lodges in the parks.

I hope you’ve had a chance to visit the National Parks in your area and beyond…if not, please make a point to go and take your family. You won’t regret it!