National Parks on My Bucket List (continued)


I just added to my bucket list that I want to visit all the National Parks in the U.S. before I die.
There are 58 of them and we’ve been to 22 already, so we’re off to a good start.

Of course, there are at least 5 in Alaska, so we’re going to need to take a long trip or several trips “North to the Future” (their state motto). I’ve always thought it would be fun to rent an RV up there and just hit the road. I think that might make things a little easier since hotels and restaurants are few and far between. Anyone want to join us?

Here’s a picture that I took just this week when we were at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon with our friends, Cathy & Marshall. It was just perfect up there. Gorgeous weather, great friends, fall colors and amazing beauty.

This is Terry and I at Angel’s Window. If you click to enlarge, you’ll see people standing on top of that formation and you may also be able to see the Colorado River at the base of the canyon thru the window.

We are very blessed to have so many National Parks in relatively close proximity to us. Can you believe that there are still a few in Arizona that we haven’t visited yet?