I Couldn’t Have Done it Without YOU!

Thank you everyone for all your support in helping me raise the funds for my upcoming trip to the Arab World!

With your financial gifts, as well as your donations of items for our yard sale, the Lord brought in enough to cover all of my trip expenses, and then some!  I was able to pass along the extra monies to the Global Training Institute to assist others in the group who hadn’t reached their fundraising goal yet.

We had a great yard sale, even though it was over 100 degrees last weekend. Thanks to all of you who donated items for us to sell…you know who you are.  Special thanks to Terry and Diane for getting up before the crack of dawn to help set up and sell and to Chuck for helping to put stuff away in 100+ degrees.  This is what the garage looked like before we moved everything out to the driveway for the sale last Saturday.

Garage full of yard sale

2012 yard sale big stuff

We had a steady stream of folks on Saturday despite the heat so I didn’t have time to take any photos after things got started.  And although there were less visitors on Sunday, we still had some good sales.

Yard sale street view

On Sunday we set up our cashier’s table in a shady spot right by the front door of the house.  The quiet pace made it almost relaxing. The income from both days were a huge addition to the fundraising goal.  Thank you!

Terry at yard sale

Shredder even decided to come out and hang with us for a while.  She couldn’t quite decide if it was too hot to lay in the sun.  In this shot she’s right next to my chair, half in and half out of the sun.

Shredder at yard sale

Also if anyone’s interested we still have a lovely 18 place-setting set of 1961 vintage Kayson’s Golden Rhapsody china for sale.  It has lots of extras and serving pieces as well.  You’ll see vintage china like this being used for the latest wedding or baby showers or even a wedding reception!  For more photos and info visit my ad on Craig’s List

1961 Kayson Golden Rhapsody china

When I sell them, I’ll be putting the funds in savings to start an account for future short term missions trips, with the hope that the Lord will allow me to go again sometime.

Thank you again to all of you for your support financially, through yard sale donations and your continued prayer and encouragement for the trip.

By the way, GTIW is still raising funds to pay for the travel and training expenses of the women from the Arab World that will be attending the sessions.  You can still donate here.

What would you risk for your faith?

Woman in black -Jericho, Israel

What if you were in search of the truth and God’s plan for your life, but unable to read the Bible? Did you know that many Arab women are illiterate?  Many more live in fear of their husbands or families, who are encouraged by the Qur’an to beat or kill their family members if they embrace or even study any other religious faith.

Cut off from any biblical understanding of their God-given role in their home and community, Arab women often submit to an unhealthy identity, born out of Islamic culture and its sometimes dysfunctional directives for family relationships. This situation frequently leads to feelings of isolation, loneliness and poor self-esteem.  The Global Training Institute for Women (GTIW) has a passion to reach out to these women who desire to know more about God and teach them about their priceless value and precious identity in Christ.

GTIW is designed as a region-specific program, where currently about 20 Christian women leaders have been selected from the Arab world (Iraq, Egypt, Israel, Sudan, and Jordan) to attend the training.  Some of these women have had to flee their home cities or countries because their lives were in danger as a result of their faith journey.  These same women are taking the risk to travel to this training.

They will meet with a small group of trainers face-to-face two times a year for three years in a neutral location. The classes are small to facilitate the building of deep relationships in a safe environment; the trainers are experienced and equipped; the training itself is focused and systematic. The Institute covers three core areas: Biblical understanding, character development, and ministry skills. The women are also encouraged to pass along what they learn to others when they return home in their church or faith community.

GTIW will be conducting their first Middle East training sessions in early May and I’m thrilled to have been asked to serve on the team! This time they would like me to document the sessions in pictures. The photos will be used to raise awareness and funds for future ministry.  The plan is to continue training these same 20 women (plus more) and funds will be needed to provide transportation and training costs for all of them.  With my event planning background, I’m also hoping to do what I can to help the Team Mobilization Director, Stephanie with the many logistical and administrative tasks that will be involved in bringing the training team of 7 from the U.S. and 20 women from the Arab countries to the training location.  I’m so thrilled at the chance to use the gifts God has given me to help others.

I would love for you to consider a donation to help me minister alongside the GTIW team from May 3rd to 14th.  My remaining financial goal is only $1100. Would you be willing to contribute $5, 50 or even $500? Every dollar really does count! None of it goes into my pocket. The donations are tax deductible and you’ll promptly receive a donation receipt since GTIW is a 501(c)(3) non-profit!

If you’d like to donate, please go to the GTIW Support Page here:

Please be sure to select my name (Nancy Hann) from the team member drop-down menu. Or if you’d rather mail a check, it should be made out to Global Training Institute for Women (or GTIW is fine), but PLEASE include my name in the address on your envelope or on a separate piece of paper so we know whose account it should be credited to:

Nancy Hann
8283 N. Hayden Road, Suite # 258
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

If you’d like to know more about the ministry, please go to www.GreaterReach.com (aka GTIW)

Thank you so much for considering a donation. I can’t get there without you!  If you’re not able to contribute financially, your prayers would be a huge contribution as well!  Please pray for the personal and scholarship funding, for safety for all the ladies coming from so many different places, clear communication of biblical truths across cultural and language barriers, and God’s hand in every aspect of the trip.

Since things at home have been a bit up in the air and crazy this last month with my surgery, I’m in a tight timeframe for fund raising, which motivates me to reflect even more on my word for 2012 – “TRUST”.  I am trusting God for the funds needed and all the details to come together to go on this short term missions trip in early May.

I’m also planning a yard sale soon to raise funds for the trip.  If you have anything you were planning to get rid of and would like to donate it for the sale, please let me know and I’ll make arrangement to get the item(s) from you.

Thank you for your involvement!  Whatever it may be.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving

I pray that each and every one of you enjoys a holiday filled with the love and comfort of family and dear friends.  There are many hurting in this season, so please remember those who are in need of physical or emotional support.  Our hearts are with you…

Thanksgiving Table in the back yard

This photo was taken at Thanksgiving a few years ago.  It makes me thankful that the weather in Arizona is often nice enough to sit outside during the holidays.

Perkins family

And here’s a Perkins family photo from last year.

On this day of remembering, I’m also thankful for…

  1. Wonderful family that’s always there in good times and bad
  2. Precious friends who love and encourage me
  3. God’s provision for our needs and beyond
  4. A comfortable home filled with joy
  5. Plenty of food on the table
  6. A house filled with music
  7. The gift of creativity and imagination
  8. God’s amazing creation
  9. Good health
  10. The freedom to travel this glorious planet

And soooo much more…

Blessings from our family to yours today and throughout the coming year.

A Few Fun Writing Prompts from Mim

I discovered a new blog today.  Mim at R.S.V.P. passed along these prompts from one of her favorite bloggers and I thought it might be fun to do my own version.   Give it a try.  The words in bold are the prompts – just finish the sentences.

Outside my window the sky is dark, the air is damp and cold.  It’s been raining off and on since last night.  It’s winter in Phoenix.

I am thinking about the last few Christmas gifts that still need to be bought.  Surprisingly, I still haven’t bought a gift for the one person that I usually shop for first.  Wish me luck in finding a perfectly lovely treasure.

I am thankful for the rich full life that I have; a loving God, big family, amazing friends, wonderful job, cozy home.

I am wearing blue jeans with a pale blue blouse and my new black holiday cardigan.  The front is covered with snowflakes made of iridescent beads and sequins.  I’m loving the fact that it only cost me $1 at Goodwill even though it was brand new with the tags still on it .  On top of that I got two compliments on it from total strangers at the grocery store earlier.  I’m feeling very Christmasy!

I am remembering my dear friend Karen who passed away just weeks ago, and her precious husband and three teenagers.  Christmas will be difficult for them this year.

I am going to wrap up our last few Christmas gifts so I can deliver them on Christmas Eve.

I’m currently readingEvery Day with Rachael Ray” magazine.  Picking up tips for the holidays.  Can’t wait for some time to start reading my new book “Writing Life Stories“.  Hopefully it will help with my blog and other personal writing.

I’m hoping that the next week off work is filled with some fun projects and special gatherings, but also enough time to relax and enjoy the holidays.

On my mind…sad that our Hann Christmas gathering will be very small this year.  The logistics of getting people together in one place has been a nightmare this holiday season.

Noticing that there seem to be less houses decorated with Christmas lights this year.  Is that a sign of the slow economy or do you think folks are being eco-friendly and trying to save energy?

In the kitchen I wish I had more time to cook.  I enjoy it when I have the time, but when I don’t I like finding great food at my favorite shops, restaurants and bakeries.

Around the house are the sights, sounds and scents of Christmas.  Amy Grant is singing Tennessee Christmas on the stereo, tiny white Christmas lights are twinkling inside and out, and the magical glow of cinnamon candles are flickering in the corner.  The nativity is displayed proudly on the windowsill with the holy family, shepherds and wise men awaiting the arrival of the baby Jesus.

One of my favorite things in life is spending time with our kids and watching them laugh and play together.

From my photo archive:  Our kids – Kevin, Amy and her husband Andrew at The Stand in Encino, CA just a couple of weeks ago.

A Deep Love for Creation is in my Blood

As I watch this series about the National Parks, by Ken Burns on PBS, I’m moved to tears again and again. Sometimes in awe of the beauty of God’s creation or in reminiscing about the visits I’ve made to one park or another. But also, by the inspiration brought on by people who have made a difference in protecting and preserving our nations most beautiful vistas and corners.

I have heard the words of John Muir, a Scottish-born American author, naturalist and early advocate of preservation of U.S. wilderness, who fought for the parks he loved with eloquence until his dying breath at the age of 76.

I’ve learned about George Melendez Wright who was barely in his 20’s when he became an advocate for the wildlife in the parks. With a degree in Forestry and Zoology, he set off for a 4-year study that changed the management of wildlife in all the parks. Returning to a philosophy of allowing all creatures to live within the natural order in which they were created, instead of coaxing bears to garbage piles and killing natural predators. Even though his life was cut short by an automobile accident at the age of 31, in less than 10 years he had a profound impact on the way our National Parks are managed to this day.

Then, I’m reminded of this awe-inspiring black and white photography of Ansel Adams, that almost single-handedly invoked the creation of Kings Canyon National Park. His work later introduced the rest of the world to the gorgeous scenery in nearly every national park and beyond.

A true inspiration is Marjory Stoneman Douglas who, at the age of 57 (that’s older than me) wrote a book about the Everglades which generated support for the park in it’s infancy. Marjory continued to speak on behalf of the park well past her 80’s and lived to the ripe old age of 108.

In 1986, (when she was 94!) the National Parks Conservation Assoc. established the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Award “to honor individuals who often must go to great lengths to advocate and fight for the protection of the National Park System.” Now that’s someone with perseverance!

These stories and the parks themselves inspire me. They make me realize that I’m not the only one who thought about becoming a park ranger as a youngster. Or whose heart aches because I realize I can’t always stay as long as I’d like when I visit a National Park. I’m not the only one who tries to think of ways to live there or spend more time there every year or to capture the beauty thru my lens so I can take it home with me to enjoy every day.

But, how on earth can I make a difference? That’s still to be determined…but I’m determined to do what I can, if only to be a National Parks Evangelist in my own corner of God’s creation. I’m so thankful that our nation has decided to set aside and protect these slivers of glory for all of us and our future generations to enjoy…and thank you God for providing them.

I have three great new children’s books to give away!

Today I have the privilege of reviewing 3 new beautiful children’s books written for 4 to 8 year olds. These would be an excellent addition to any family library. The stories and rhymes are clever and memorable and the illustrations are truly works of art. These would be wonderful gifts for kids, grandkids, baby showers or for any little tikes in your world.

Add your comment to this post by noon on Thursday to be in the drawing to win these books!

God Gave Us Heavenby Lisa Tawn Bergren, illustrated by Laura J. Bryant is a story of a young polar bear cub asking questions about heaven. A nice story, with lovely illustrations, a bit of imagination and a hint of the gospel sprinkled in.

What was it like “When God Created My Toes“? Author, Dandi Daley Mackall, wrote a lyrical rhyme of a young girl asking about God’s thoughts about her as she was created. The question encourages loving affirmation from the reader to the child about God’s loving hand in how uniquely they were designed. The book is exquisitely illustrated by David Hohn. Check out more of his amazing art on his website here.

Also illustrated by David Hohn and written by Dandi Daley Mackall, my favorite of the three is God Loves Me More Than That“. With child-like examples, this lively rhyme sets a strong foundation for the little ones in your life about how immense, high, deep, and wide God’s love is for his children.

Much of the fun of reading books with children is the adventure of helping them search for all the little details in the illustrations. All three of these books have gorgeous detail and beauty, unique perspective and wonderful full color illustrations. I’m sure that they’ll become family favorites that you’ll pass down thru the generations.

If you don’t win the drawing and want to buy the books, just click on the titles above to order.

Spread the word about the give-away and be sure to comment on this post before the drawing on Thursday evening, for a chance to win .


Check out this link to the USGS site of “Our Earth as Art”

These are
beautiful images taken by the Landsat-7 satellite – and most recently, the Terra Satellite’s Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER).

The top one is the Ganges River Delta in India, where the Bengal Tiger roams.

The orange & blue one is the Malaspina Glacier in Alaska.

blue & green one is the Mississippi River Delta.

Pretty amazing stuff, huh! I just love the colors!