Renegade Craft Fair – Los Angeles

Today our family did some shopping at the Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles, California.  We drove through a slice of Chinatown on the way and I snapped this fun shot of the lanterns.

Chinatown Los Angeles

This is the group walking to the fair with the downtown L.A. skyline in the distance.  Isn’t it cute how the 3 of them were  holding hands?  Don’t worry.  It didn’t last long.

Walking to the craft sale with L.A. skyline in the background

There were some great handmade crafts there so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites and links to where you can find them.

Renegade Craft Sale - Felt Flower Pins

Sad to say that I don’t have time to track down the artist for these brightly colored felt pins, but love them anyway.  If you like them, take a look at the links to all the artists here and see if you can find it.

Look at these creative journals made from vintage hard cover books with blank pages added.  These were made by Ex Libris Anonymous at  Just imagine how you could fill these pages!

Renegade Craft Sale Re-purposed Pillows

These pillows just gave me more inspiration for things I could make with my new sewing machine.

These wonderful vintage trailer prints were mounted on wooden blocks to be hung on the wall.   The artist, “Chantalde Felice” said that she visited The Shady Dell,  Bisbee, Arizona’s Vintage Airstream Hotel for her inspiration.  Aren’t they adorable?

Renegade Craft Sale - Cone Trees

I fell in love with the colors and patterns on these precious cone-shaped trees!  You’ll find them at Cathy’s of California.

Renegade Craft Sale King Tshirt

I tried to talk Terry into buying this Tshirt, but he wasn’t in a shopping mood.  Don’t you think it’s kind of fitting for him?  We can always order it or other cool ones later from DKNG Studios.

I thought this was such a wise statement…and excellent inspiration.

Terry also bought me a pair of vintage typewriter key earrings for my Christmas stocking from “The Weekend Store“.  They don’t look exactly like this, but they’re so cute nonetheless.   Be sure to take a look at this website.  There’s lots of interesting vintage inspired items.

Sad news is the sale ended Sunday.  But good news is that you should be able to find all of these artists online for your holiday shopping convenience.

Thanks for coming along on my little cyber shopping trip.  Don’t these handmade treasures inspire you to create something yourself?  Which are your favorites?

Mari & Jason’s Reception – finally!
Sorry gang, I just realized that I never posted pics from the reception that I worked on. Thought you might like to see how it turned out. The bride and groom seemed to be very pleased with the results and the host couple said it was “a magical night”, so I think all in all it was a success.

Here are some photos from set up to close, including the happy couple and the host couple. I wasn’t the official photographer, so I didn’t take too many pics of the people there. I mainly wanted to capture the atmosphere of the night. It was a perfect location, which made things very easy.

As are most wedding receptions these days, this one reflected the bride & groom. We served Norwegian food for Mari, the bride and Mexican food for Jason, the groom. Norwegian Rakfisk was served, since it’s one of Mari’s favorites. If you click to enlarge the photos of the signs, you’ll see the significance of the menu chosen. We even included homemade salsa made by Jason’s mom. Fabulous Food catered the event and did an amazing job. I would definitely use them again.

The dessert island was pretty cool. You can see it here. It has lucite shelves with lights above, so it made all the delicious sweets look really beautiful.

The house was a little hard to find, so we had luminarias lining the way to guide guests down the long driveway.

The Jazz ensemble was excellent. Jason found them and I would recommend them as a great option for music at any event of this kind. The keyboard player put the group together. His name is Ioannis Goudelis and he’s from Greece. You’ll find the music on his site to have a definite Greek influence, but they played really nice traditional soft Jazz for the reception.
The only glitches all night were some temporary tripped breakers, due to the power we were using, but the guests barely noticed anything unusual.
It was a fun time of celebrating with Mari & Jason!

Counting down to “V” day!

“V” minus 5 and counting. 5 days until we go on vacation to New England. Can’t wait!

Today, I printed out a Frommer’s article about Acadia National Park in Maine which we’ll be visiting later in the trip. It mentioned something about carriage rides and whale watching tours in the Fall, so I’m hoping we get to do that.

Check out this slide show of photos of the park by David Patterson at Pretty cool stuff!

Got some other good news today too. I’m helping to plan a reception for some friends and it was set for Oct 18th, which is really soon after we get back from vacation, so I’ve been scrambling to get as much as possible done before we leave.

Good news is that the couple decided to move the date to NOV 1st, which works out SO MUCH better for most of those involved. Turned out that one of their friends was getting married on the 18th, plus some other activities that would prevent people from coming. So, now I have a few extra weeks to pull things together. I’m just about to finalize the caterer and have secured my A/V guy (our friend Don at Valhalla Sound – He’s such a great hard working guy that will bend over backwards to do whatever needs to be done. He’s got amazing rates on all kinds of equipment sales and rentals. You should check him out if you’re planning an event.)

Now I need to reprint the invitations (good thing most of them didn’t go out yet). It makes me realize that it was for the best that my home printing didn’t work well (it smeared) and I had to go to a printer. If I had done them myself, they would all be mailed already. Now it’s just a dozen or so that the couple needs to contact with the change.

I still need to finalize flowers, linens and a few other odds and ends, but I’m feeling pretty good about things now. The next five days will be busy, but then I can relax and enjoy vacation.

Another tidbit: We may end up with Kevin’s cat, The Professor temporarily while he’s away in the Middle East. There’s one last option, but if that doesn’t work, we didn’t want him to have to give the cat away, so we’ll see what happens when he gets here and meets our cat, Shredder. I don’t really like the idea of having 2 cats here for those who visit us that are allergic, but it should only be for 6 months or so.

Also, I’m approaching my 300th blog post, so I’ll need to do something special for that. Stay tuned…

Now I’m off to meet the caterer at the home where the reception will be. We need to determine the space layout in the backyard for people, food, etc. Space planning – really one of my favorite things. I already have a diagram drawn up.

Wow – I have so many choices of things to post about since I’m so far behind.

Plus we’re going to Prescott this weekend with some friends, so we’ll have even more when we get home. Here are some of the ones that I have available now. Tell me what sounds interesting and I’ll see if I can post more before we leave…no promises though.

  • Still waiting for Terry to do his final edit on the Quail story, then I’ll post that one
  • Amy & Andrew’s going away party (photo here of them playing Wii with Michelle)
  • Our trip to CA to help Amy take her stuff over there. (I have lots of thoughts on what I miss and don’t miss about CA with pics to go with it.)
  • My latest version of the branch on the wall
  • Recent decorating projects
  • Recent painting projects
  • An evening walk at the Tempe Center for the Arts (TCA) and Tempe Town Lake
  • Jed Gray and Michael Haugen’s graduation party
  • Mother’s Day treats
  • Amy leaving

For now, I’ll post a few of my favorites from the events above.

The word “Dream” above was bought on clearance for $5 at Target. It seems it was somehow a “Mother’s Day” item, so was on sale after the holiday. It sits on my nightstand to greet me before bed. I like it!

There are bits of paper and other items that were found on the construction site at TCA encased in these amber lights.

The fountain at TCA.