Exploring La Jolla California (Part 4)

For my fourth and final post in this series about La Jolla I thought I’d share a couple more fun photos and treasures that we discovered on our quick trip over there in July.The Faded Awning Nautical Pillow

After we left the La Jolla Open Aire Market we had to walk a few blocks to get back to where Terry parked the car.  During our stroll we passed a sweet little coastal store called “The Faded Awning Collection” at 7464 Girard Ave.  (They don’t seem to have a website that I can find. If you know of one, please send it to me.)

In case you’re new to my blog, I need to tell you that although I currently live in the desert, I love the casual feel of coastal-cottage style decorating and I try to pretend that I live in a beach climate when I’m inside the house.  You won’t see adobe, saltillo tile, or southwestern decor when you visit.  It’s blues, greens, sea shells and white painted furniture for me.

So you can imagine why this caught my eye.  Tucked just outside the door at the entrance to the store I saw this wonderful pillow made with a vintage blue nautical flag.  I just had to take a short detour to see what else they had inside and my sweetie was nice enough to patiently wait for me.

Don’t you just love the simple beauty of that pillow?  And how easy it would be to make some like this!  I’ll have to add it to my craft idea binder.

Sea Horse ArtOnce inside the store the space was a bit overwhelming and crowded, but I did see some wonderful pieces.

Like this seahorse art which was 4 or 5 feet tall.  The silhouette was painted in black on weathered wood with the words stenciled on top of the black.  I’m sure it isn’t as easy as it looks, but would probably be a fun project to try.  Imagine the variety of similar pieces that you could do with the same basic format…starfish, fish, and other sea creatures with your favorite beachy prose or just random words to fill the space and a myriad of color schemes, like navy, or shades of beach glass, of course.  Let me know if you decide to try it.  I’d love to see how it turns out.

Now, to say goodbye to this lovely coastal town, I thought I’d share a few photos that reminded me that we weren’t Phoenix.

 Purple flowers on white fence

While driving down Mission Blvd. on our way out of town we passed this little beach house with these gorgeous morning glories covering the back fence.  That shade of purple was so vibrant!
Belmont Park CaliforniaDid you know that just about 15 minutes south of La Jolla there’s a park with a roller coaster?  It’s called Belmont Park.  We didn’t have time to stop there, but it looked like it was hopping!  Let me know if you’ve been there and if it’s worth a stop.

And just how many different modes of transportation can you count in this pic?  Those crazy Californians.

Beach LIfe

And I just had to take this photo of the quintessential beach community.  Where else will you see folks walking their dog, heading for the beach with their surfboard and driving in a convertible all in the same scene in the middle of July.  In Southern California of course!

So we bid farewell to La Jolla for now.  I’m sure we’ll be back again, but not sure when.  Thanks for coming along for the ride.  Let me know where you’d like to go next.  How does Scotland sound?  It’s a little bit different than Southern California, but I’d say well worth the visit.

Be sure to stop by again soon and see what we can find in Scotland and Ireland in the coming weeks!  Or better yet, sign up to receive notification every time there’s a new post!

Coastal Living

Even though we live in the desert, I love to decorate with a coastal/cottage feel. I guess I’m trying to trick myself into believing that I’m not in the desert. I also like the casual and comfortable atmosphere that it creates. Much better than something too stuffy when it’s hot outside, I think.

Because of that, I LOVE Coastal Living magazine! I’m not subscribed right now because I was getting WAY too many mags and not finding time to read them, so I’m simplifying. The cool thing is that even without the magazine, I get their awesome newsletter which still links to some amazing decorating ideas. If you click on the CL link above, it will take you to the latest one.

And can you believe it? This is the first pic I saw. I love the 4 photos on the wall. They are so simple, yet so eye catching in the white room. What a great idea! The hardest part of that would be getting the pics onto a canvas.

If you like coastal or cottage decorating, be sure to visit their site often and click thru their great room ideas, recipes and more.

Here are a few treasures that I picked up when I was in Ohio to add to my coastal themed home in the desert.

Click on the pic of the towels to see the close-up. They had a different hand towel for each day of the week…all with a beach theme. They were awesome! I wish I could have bought them all.

I found the towels and the “Sailing” sign at the same store, where I also ran into a woman that I went through school with. Her name was Sandy Lane and she remembered me after more than 30 years! How crazy is that! Talk about a small town! It was so strange.

I found the divided wooden box at the candle store where I also found these candles and votive holders. It’s hard to tell from the picture how nice the blues are, but I love the colors.

We also found these vintage Ohio notecards at an antique shop and some old Vermilion postcards as well. I love the notecards with the sailboats on it and the one with the barn too. I may have to frame those and hang them up.

I’m looking forward to finding more “beachy” treasures when we go down the Oregon coast on vacation in July. Can’t wait!!!