About Me

First, you’ll find that my blog reflects many of the things that I love the most in life (listed below in no particular order).  I’ll be categorizing my posts this way so that you can focus only on the things that you most enjoy and skip the rest, if you prefer.

Creativity – this includes photography, a bit of music, as well as all things related to the home: crafts, decorating, food, tips and tricks –  I hope that 30+ years of homemaking gives me a little expertise here.

Travel – We recently moved to southeastern Virginia, so we’ll visit lots of places around the city, state and venture up and down the east coast.  I LOVE to travel though, and am only limited by my bank account and my husband’s vacation time :-). Nevertheless, we’ll have some great adventures. I promise!  Coming up – posts on recent trips to France, Germany, Israel, Jordan, Scotland, Ireland and Turkey!  Woohoo!

Learn Something New Every Day – Shouldn’t we all be excited about learning?  I imagine if you’re reading other people’s blogs, you must be interested in learning new things.  If I find a great deal, a “can’t miss” travel destination or a fun new idea or recipe, I’ll share it with you, because I assume that you like to discover new things as well or you wouldn’t be reading my blog.  I hope you’ll do the same in your comments.

Family & Friends – Of course, we all know that loving and being loved is one of the most important gifts in life, so I can’t help but share some of our escapades and celebrations.    If I were to have a gravestone, I would want it to say “She loved God, loved life and the people that shared it with her.”

Event Planning – I’ve done my share of event planning for personal get-togethers as well as business/non-profit gatherings.  I enjoy doing it, but am reaching the point where I enjoy helping as much as I enjoy leading.  I’ll pass along some tips that I’ve picked up along the way.

Holidays – This can cover holiday-themed decorations, foods, traditions and more.

Faith – I usually don’t get preachy, but my faith is an integral part of my life, so it will leak out into my posts sometimes.  No apologies there.

So these are some of the corners of my world that we’ll be sharing together.

Me and My Hubby at the Grand Canyon

Here’s a little more about me.

I’m an empty-nester, but nowhere close to retirement (although I wish that weren’t the case). I’ve been happily married for several decades. Yeah, I was 12 when I got married (ha!).  I can honestly say that I deeply love my husband much more than the day I married him. More and more I realize just how blessed I am that we’re together.  I truly look forward to many more years with him, if the Lord allows us both to be on this earth for that long.

We have two awesome “children” who are now adults and out on their own.  In some ways that’s great, but the fact that they live in other states makes me sad at times.  That’s also what makes me cherish every moment that we have with them. You’ll be happy to know that we don’t have grandkids yet, so you won’t see a bazillion posts of me bragging about them…that is until we have one, then I make absolutely no promises.

This world is full of adventure. I love learning new things and sharing the joy of discovery with others. I have to admit that I get bored easily, so as soon as I feel comfortable with something, I’m ready to move on to something new. (Good thing that doesn’t spill over into my marriage, huh?)  But, that’s probably why I can’t focus on just one topic for my blog.  So I hope you’ll look forward to the surprises and enjoy the variety.

I’m a relational person, so your participation in commenting fuels my fire to do more.  I love hearing from you and knowing that you’re reading.  I appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to stop in for a few minutes. I commit to never waste your time.

Stay as long as you like and please come back often. You’re always welcome here.

You can also visit me at my travel website – TravelingWithPurpose.com

Or if you have any questions, feel free to find me on Facebook at Traveling with Purpose

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Nancy:

    I found your blog from a link you left in the comment section for Scott Domin’s FB page. How delightful! I’ve lived in Vermilion for @5 years (but visited often leading up to that time), and I love it here.

    Really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing some of your creative ideas. Just love the chalkboard tags.

    Merry Christmas!


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