A Sad Day in Our Home…

This week we said goodbye to our dear precious cat.  Shredder was 21 years old and lived a long, happy and healthy life.  She was beautiful, smart, lovable and just plain cool.

We adopted her in 1991 when Amy was 9, Kevin was 7 and Terry was not a cat-lover.

For years Terry tried to convince us that he didn’t like cats, but in the last 8 years Shredder adopted him and he couldn’t help but fall in love with her too.

He made the ultimate sacrifice (as a non-cat-lover) when he drove over 8 hours from California to Arizona with Shredder in the cab of our moving truck.  She escaped from her carrier and was totally freaked out. The only way she would calm down was when he was petting and talking to her.  His voice was soothing. So that’s what he did for pretty much the whole time.  He talked to her about the towns they were driving through, the scenery and his favorite sports teams…and whatever came to mind for 8 HOURS!  Ever since then they’ve been great buddies.  They took naps together on Sunday afternoons…  Terry in the recliner and Shredder sneaking up on his lap.  She loved to “talk” and he’d have chats with her at various times when he didn’t think anyone was around.  In the winter Shredder would sleep right between the two of us or she’d lay right on the top of the blanket on Terry’s legs (which drove him nuts because he couldn’t move).

She had such a sweet disposition and a mind of her own, as most cats do.

Our daughter and son have lived away from home for several years, but now we truly have an empty nest. Our home and our family will not be the same without her.

Here are a few of my favorite posts about her.

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