What would you risk for your faith?

Woman in black -Jericho, Israel

What if you were in search of the truth and God’s plan for your life, but unable to read the Bible? Did you know that many Arab women are illiterate?  Many more live in fear of their husbands or families, who are encouraged by the Qur’an to beat or kill their family members if they embrace or even study any other religious faith.

Cut off from any biblical understanding of their God-given role in their home and community, Arab women often submit to an unhealthy identity, born out of Islamic culture and its sometimes dysfunctional directives for family relationships. This situation frequently leads to feelings of isolation, loneliness and poor self-esteem.  The Global Training Institute for Women (GTIW) has a passion to reach out to these women who desire to know more about God and teach them about their priceless value and precious identity in Christ.

GTIW is designed as a region-specific program, where currently about 20 Christian women leaders have been selected from the Arab world (Iraq, Egypt, Israel, Sudan, and Jordan) to attend the training.  Some of these women have had to flee their home cities or countries because their lives were in danger as a result of their faith journey.  These same women are taking the risk to travel to this training.

They will meet with a small group of trainers face-to-face two times a year for three years in a neutral location. The classes are small to facilitate the building of deep relationships in a safe environment; the trainers are experienced and equipped; the training itself is focused and systematic. The Institute covers three core areas: Biblical understanding, character development, and ministry skills. The women are also encouraged to pass along what they learn to others when they return home in their church or faith community.

GTIW will be conducting their first Middle East training sessions in early May and I’m thrilled to have been asked to serve on the team! This time they would like me to document the sessions in pictures. The photos will be used to raise awareness and funds for future ministry.  The plan is to continue training these same 20 women (plus more) and funds will be needed to provide transportation and training costs for all of them.  With my event planning background, I’m also hoping to do what I can to help the Team Mobilization Director, Stephanie with the many logistical and administrative tasks that will be involved in bringing the training team of 7 from the U.S. and 20 women from the Arab countries to the training location.  I’m so thrilled at the chance to use the gifts God has given me to help others.

I would love for you to consider a donation to help me minister alongside the GTIW team from May 3rd to 14th.  My remaining financial goal is only $1100. Would you be willing to contribute $5, 50 or even $500? Every dollar really does count! None of it goes into my pocket. The donations are tax deductible and you’ll promptly receive a donation receipt since GTIW is a 501(c)(3) non-profit!

If you’d like to donate, please go to the GTIW Support Page here:

Please be sure to select my name (Nancy Hann) from the team member drop-down menu. Or if you’d rather mail a check, it should be made out to Global Training Institute for Women (or GTIW is fine), but PLEASE include my name in the address on your envelope or on a separate piece of paper so we know whose account it should be credited to:

Nancy Hann
8283 N. Hayden Road, Suite # 258
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

If you’d like to know more about the ministry, please go to www.GreaterReach.com (aka GTIW)

Thank you so much for considering a donation. I can’t get there without you!  If you’re not able to contribute financially, your prayers would be a huge contribution as well!  Please pray for the personal and scholarship funding, for safety for all the ladies coming from so many different places, clear communication of biblical truths across cultural and language barriers, and God’s hand in every aspect of the trip.

Since things at home have been a bit up in the air and crazy this last month with my surgery, I’m in a tight timeframe for fund raising, which motivates me to reflect even more on my word for 2012 – “TRUST”.  I am trusting God for the funds needed and all the details to come together to go on this short term missions trip in early May.

I’m also planning a yard sale soon to raise funds for the trip.  If you have anything you were planning to get rid of and would like to donate it for the sale, please let me know and I’ll make arrangement to get the item(s) from you.

Thank you for your involvement!  Whatever it may be.

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