Our Cat is 20 Years Old!

Some of you may not have met our cat, Shredder, but I wanted to let you know that this year she turns TWENTY YEARS OLD!  That’s a lot of cat years.

In honor of her birthday I bought her some extra special cat food – cost twice what we usually pay.  It had real salmon and crab in it and she loved it!

This is her in 1991 soon after she came home with us.

From my best recollection we got her sometime in early spring of 1991, which means that she would have been born about 6 weeks before that.  Our whole family went to the home of a lady in Valencia and when we walked into her back yard it was FILLED with all sizes, shapes and colors of cats.  My guess is that she loved cats so much that she couldn’t bear to part with them when the numbers got too high and she just allowed them to breed and breed.  We picked out Shredder from her latest litter.  We were told that she’s part Siamese and part Persian (and who knows what else).

So far the old girl is doing pretty well.  She sleeps a lot, but you would too if you were her age.

She always greets us when we come home from work.  O.k. maybe that’s because its her dinner time and she’s hungry.   She’s also developed a preference for bottled water.  That’s my fault because I started giving her our leftovers from half empty bottles that were sitting around and now she’s decided that she should have the good stuff.  Fortunately she’ll settle for tap water when she’s forced to.

She’s not crazy about crowds in the house, but she loves to hang out in whatever room Terry or I happen to be in and she’ll even follow us around in the mornings until we settle in one spot.  When it’s cold out she likes to sleep on my lap when I’m watching TV.  Here she is sitting on the windowsill in our office.  She hangs out either there or on the desk beside us when we’re in there working on the computer.

At night when it’s cold she lays right on top of my hand until it drives me crazy to be still too long and I shoo her away.  Then she moves to the cozy fabric-lined Longaberger basket that’s HER bed at the foot of OUR bed.  I tried to get her to use several different cat beds over the years, but she wouldn’t set foot (paw) in them.  I guess she has expensive taste.

You’d be amazed at how accurate her body clock is.  If Terry and I are up past 10 pm at night, she’ll actually come and find us and start meowing at us because it’s time to go to bed.  Then she’ll go and sit halfway between where we are and the bedroom to make sure we don’t forget.

She’s been a great friend to all of us.  Hopefully she’ll be around a while longer, but I don’t have any big expectations.

She’s quite a senior citizen after all.  Do you have a favorite pet that keeps you company or any funny pet stories?

7 thoughts on “Our Cat is 20 Years Old!

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  3. She looks great for her age! We have a cat that’s 13 and for the past few years, I think the winter will be the last for him. He gets super lethargic and sits in front of the heating vents. He eats less and loses weight but then he bounces back!

    He’s not a friendly cat though and everyone just sort of skirts around him. Our dogs are our buddies though. Love them 🙂


    1. Hi Mim,

      Shredder has had weeks when she eats less and seems more lethargic then bounces back too. Crazy, huh?

      I know what you mean about unfriendly cats. I’ve had those before too. We’re so thankful that Shredder is friendly, especially since she’s hung around for so long.

      Pets are good company definitely!


  4. I love that cat Shredder, as far as I can tell she is the first cat I ever really got to know and like. Since I’m allergic to them I don’t spend a ton of time around cats.
    Happy 20th ShredHead!


  5. Oh Nancy, what a lovely, sweet story.
    I love Shredder and think she’s pretty awesome… and may I say, pretty darn good-looking for her age.
    She has aged well… and I look for her to be around for quite some time. I can’t help but think she’s still around, is because she has been loved so well.
    Happy 20th Shredder!


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