Podstrana Croatia – A Perfect Rest

So, I’m finally getting around to posting about some of the places that we visited this year.  Sorry for the delay. Sometimes I just get sidetracked with life.

Have you ever been to Podstrana, Croatia?  If not, then you’re in for a sweet treat.  Podstrana is a small town along the Dalmatian Coast, on the Adriatic Sea.  It’s directly across from Italy.  Close enough to take a ferry there.

We spent a few days there in May of this year on the front end of our trip to Bosnia.  It was intended to be a place where we could catch up from the jet-lag of our flight from Arizona and recharge before the remainder of the journey.  It turned out to be the perfect choice.  It’s located just a few miles south of the city of Split (more on Split later).

Something about this lovely hamlet reminded me of the Santa Barbara, California coast, only MUCH lower priced.   It seems as though this spot has been overlooked to some degree since the Croatian War in the mid 1990s.  It’s the kind of place that is sure to gain popularity again once people discover the beauty and reasonable prices to be found there.  If you’re looking for a quiet relaxing destination, head there now before all the crowds arrive.

We were so fortunate that the other couple that we were traveling with were quite familiar with the Dalmatian Coast and had actually stayed in Podstrana many times.  They chose Pansion Perisic for our accommodations.

Picture a bed and breakfast just steps from the shore with simple but comfortable furnishings, a friendly host and perfect weather.  To top it off, if you follow this link to their rates you’ll see that they’re less than 30 Euro per night including breakfast.  What a deal!

Soon after we arrived we were able to stroll along the beach to a wonderful restaurant, where we sat outside on the patio listening to the waves lap up on the shore.  

Below is the view of the patio and then the beach looking out from the patio.
Amigos in Podstrana Croatia

I think we all chose some sort of seafood dish.  I mean if you can practically stick your feet in the water when you’re dining out, the seafood must be fresh and delicious right?  RIGHT!  It was wonderful and served with fresh bread as well!  Here’s a picture of Terry’s dinner to prove it. (You know how I love food pictures.)  I can just taste it now.

After dinner we walked back to our rooms and enjoyed a glass of homemade wine with the innkeeper.  He was so friendly and accommodating.  Our friends have been coming here for years, so this gave them a chance to catch up on news from around the area.

Later we saw this fisherman at sunset.  Who knows, maybe he was catching the fish for our dinner the following night.  It was a perfect ending to an amazing day and only the beginning of our next big adventure.

Now if you’re thinking that there’s nothing to do but sit around, eat, drink and sleep here, (of course how can that be all bad) you’ve got it wrong.  Just a short hop up the coast is the city of Split and a short hop down the coast is Omis.  I’ll talk more about those two day trips in the near future.

Unfortunately, I’ll be off this trail for a few days while I attend BlogWorld this weekend.  I’ll still try to post, but won’t have access to my travel photos at home.  And what’s a travel post without photos?  I mean really.

Please come back to see the rest of the story.  I’ll miss you!

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