New Business Cards!

I just finished creating a “business” card for myself.  I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while so that I have something to give to people that I meet that are interested in reading my blog.  Also, sometimes I go to restaurants, shops, etc. and have plans to post about it, so I’d like to have something to give to the owners or managers so they can look for the post in the future.

Anyway, you may also remember that I’m attending a blogging and social media conference called Blog World this week in Las Vegas (they claim to be the world’s largest).  This is primarily for my role in helping several non-profits at my office with their blogging, websites and social media.  I have a lot to learn about the technology, but this is an interesting area for me and somewhat of a creative expression, so I’m really enjoying it.

The business cards will also serve a purpose there to have something to give to fellow bloggers that has my URL and contact information on it.  Even though it’s also intended to be a networking event, I’m not really expecting to hand out too  many cards so the cool thing is that I can print just a few sheets at a time and change them as needed.

Do you have a blog or other creative expression?  Do you have a business card for it?  I’m curious about how much people still use business cards in this electronic world of ours.

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