Grand Canyon’s North Rim

In the coming days we will be making our 2nd annual trek to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon with friends.  And as I was making plans to go, I realized that I still had some unfinished business from our trip last year.

You see, one of the most fun parts of the trip was the fact that we met this sweet couple named Steph and Max from Southern California.  It all began when they asked us to take a picture of them to commemorate their anniversary.  We got to talking and hung around the overlook for at least a half hour getting to know this and that about them.  They were so friendly and interesting to talk with that we didn’t want to say goodbye, but as we did Steph handed me a “business card” that read “Jaunt with a Brit and a Yank”.  You see Max was originally from England and still had a lovely British accent.  The card also had their contact information and place for us to fill in the date and location where we met them. I surmised from the card that this wasn’t an unusual occurrence for them.  I loved the idea and I still have the card, which has been a frequent reminder that I owed them a blog post.

After our original encounter we kept running into them at various places around the park.  I even took some photos of them (here).

Max & Steph Hamming it up

Then as we sat in the dining room for the only dinner that we were eating at the Lodge, we looked over and saw them at a table just a few yards away.  Unfortunately, they were much farther into their meal, otherwise we would have invited them to join us.  As it was they came by to chat for a few minutes after they finished eating.  What a precious couple they were!   It would have been a blast to spend a few more hours with them.

So, I’m posting some photos and will be sending them an email to let them know.  I hope to hear from them and who knows, maybe they’ll be at the rim when we’re up there this year…or maybe we’ll meet some other awesome people in our wanderings.

Max & Steph at Dinner

The photo below is Terry and I and our friends, Marshall and Cathy enjoying the view from the patio that’s perched on the edge of the North Rim. This year we’ll be going with a third couple (John and Suzi) as well and already have plans to enjoy some wine at sunset from this spot.  It’s gorgeous!

Grand Canyon Lodge Overlooking the Canyon

And these are the rockers that are waiting for us on the porch of the cabin that we’ll be staying in.  Helps me relax just thinking about it.

If you plan to go to the Grand Canyon, I highly recommend that you visit the North Rim if at all possible.  The elevation is over 8500 feet, compared to only 6800 feet at the south rim, making it much cooler.  It also has quite a bit more vegetation, pines, wildlife, etc.  It’s a little harder to get to, but this minor inconvenience makes the area much less crowded as well, which is a huge bonus especially in the busy summer months.

Make note that the North Rim is only open about 6 months of the year with open and close dates determined by the snow…usually mid-May to mid-October.

I’ll surely be taking more photos when we head up there soon, so come back and visit again (or sign up to follow my blog) so you won’t miss any of them.

Happy Traveling!

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