Forest Lakes Weekend – Day 2

As mentioned before, we recently spent a weekend in the Northern Arizona town of Forest Lakes.  On Saturday night, our friends Randy and Linda had to leave and other friends, Andy & Julie, with their daughter Jenna and friend Sarah arrived.

On Sunday we decided to take a drive to nearby Bear Canyon Lake.  From Highway 260 just outside of Forest Lakes you take the Rim Road (“Woods Canyon Lake”) turnoff.  It was a little bit of a drive…12 miles past Woods Canyon Lake on good dirt roads, but well worth it.  The lake area was much less crowded and very peaceful.

We took a nice long walk from the parking area to the dam at the end of the lake.  Except for a few sprinkles and some dark clouds coming in the distance, the weather was perfect.

Oh, as we spent a little more time there, it did get a bit windy.  Terry decided that it was windy enough to try to fly.  Sarah thought he was crazy, of course.

You can see below that Terry and Jenna were trying to “fly” too (note that their feet are off the ground).  He was trying to convince Jenna that this was serious stuff and she needed to do it with a straight face.  That was the hardest part of it all…getting her to stop giggling.  It was hilarious.

He’s gonna make a great grandpa someday.  He has so much fun doing silly things with the kids.

Soon after this the dark clouds really started coming in, plus we were getting hungry, so we decided to head back to the car and back to the house.

Then within minutes of the time that we started driving back, a hail storm hit!  It was awesome!

Here are a few more of my favorite pics from that day.  Enjoy!

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