Save the Planet or Mail Paper Invitations?

Do you struggle with the dilemma of whether to spend a bundle on the eco-waste of printing and mailing those custom gorgeous paper invitations or saving energy and trees (plus quite a bit of money) to send something of lesser quality via email?

Well, now you can send a card with the same look of those custom printed ones for free or close to it!

Today I discovered the Paperless Post website and was very impressed by the quality and variety of paperless invitations that they offer.  The site is currently in Beta version, but I LOVE what I see so far.  Your guests can receive their invitation,  enclosed in a paperless envelope with their name on the front, complete with a matching envelope liner! Custom colors are available throughout the process as well, so everything can be coordinated with your theme.

What a great way to make every invitation feel extra special without blowing your budget on paper, printing, stamps, and all.  Plus think of all the time you won’t have to spend hand-addressing all those envelopes.

Sample Save the Date Card

When you set up your free account you automatically receive 25 free “Stamps” and 10 free “Customization Coins” which are used for additions such as envelope liners, logos, etc.  That means you can send 25 free cards right off the bat.  Additional “stamps” and “coins” can be earned by referring  friends to their site or can be purchased at a reasonable cost, which ends up being so much less than mailing physical cards.

And who knows…hopefully, at some point in the future, if they can get enough traffic, the site may be totally free.  So check it out and sign up today.

If you love good quality cards and stationary, I think you’ll love what they offer!

After you take a look, let me know what you think.  Are there other sites that you like better?  I’m always looking for new options for my big and small events.

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