Dinner at the Beeline Cafe

Sounds like the title to a country tune, doesn’t it?
Beeline Cafe Payson Arizona

Well, this weekend we had a chance to get out of town and spend some time at our friend’s place in Forest Lakes, AZ.  Terry was able to get off work a couple of hours early and since we weren’t planning to meet our friends up there until the evening, we decided to stop in Payson and give the Beeline Café a try.  We’d heard that it was a quaint little place that had held its own in this small town since the early 60’s.   And since our visit there, I also discovered that they were mentioned in the August issue of Sunset magazine.

Even though it was only around 5 o’clock, when we pulled in, the parking lot was already pretty full.   Walking though the door, we quickly realized that our presence was lowering the average age of the place by at least 20 years (including the staff).   We suspected that it was “Senior Hour”.  Now we have nothing against senior citizens.  Some of our favorite people are in that age group and we’re realizing more and more that those days are not so far away for us either…which is probably why it was easy for us to make ourselves at home.

Friday Fish Specials
The waitress that greeted and seated us was very friendly, so we settled into our booth and perused the traditional midwestern-style diner menu.  It included burgers, sandwiches, and lots of grilled and deep fried items.  Since it was Friday they were also offering a few fish specials.  One of the deals was two large pieces of breaded & deep fried fish with choice of potato and coleslaw for only $5.95.  Even though that sounded tempting, we decided on other items, but one of the couples nearby had ordered the special and decided to share it.  Now that’s a cheap date!  Feed two people for $6.00 plus tip.  Not bad…and as they walked out arm in arm, the waitress called out “Good bye.”  and “See you next week!”  Who knows how long this precious couple had been coming in to the Beeline Café for their Friday Fish Special date.  How sweet.
After a full review of the menu, Terry ordered a BBQ Beef Sandwich that came with fries and cole slaw for $5.95 and I ordered the Shrimp dinner for $8.95. (Great prices!)  I do need to let you know that it’s cash and checks only here though.  No credit or debit cards at the Beeline.
My food was tasty, traditional diner-type food and exactly the meal that my mom would have loved (shrimp is one of her favs).  Five crispy breaded shrimp came to the table, served with a baked potato, green beans (with bacon), a small wedge of watermelon, plus a dinner salad to start everything off.  My guess is that the green beans were from a can with a bit of bacon added, which for most people could be a turn-off, but being a girl raised on canned vegetables, it was a bit nostalgic for me.
Shrimp Dinner at Beeline Cafe

When our food came, Terry happened to be away from the table.  I was trying to take pics of the meals (for this blog) before we started eating and the waitress came over and helped by holding the plate up at an angle so I could get a good shot.  You can see her hard working hands in the photo.  That’s helpful service.

So all in all, if you’re expecting any kind of Nuevo cuisine, organic or fresh-picked fare, I doubt you’ll find it here.  But if you’re hungry for a good old fashioned diner-style meal, this is the place to stop when you’re in the Payson area.  I hear they have great pies and traditional breakfast as well.  We’ll surely stop again.
If you’re interested in more info, check out the Beeline Café Facebook page too and let them know that you’ll drop in sometime.

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