I amsterdam!

So, now that I’ve moved my blog to WordPress.com I need to go back and add titles and categories to all of my posts over the last 4 years.  It will take a while, but I think it’s worth it for you to have easy navigation to the various categories that I’ve set up.

I am sterdam

In diving into this task, I realized that I haven’t posted any pictures from our stopover in Amsterdam (on the way home from Croatia and Bosnia) in early June.  So we left Sarajevo on a Monday and flew a couple of hours to Amsterdam.  We had the chance to stay there until Thursday morning, so essentially had 2 full days to enjoy the city and enjoy it we did.

We didn’t rent a car because we knew from our research that it was a user friendly city.  We were able to take a train from the Schiphol airport to Central Station and our hotel was within walking distance from there.  Negotiating our two suitcases, Terry’s guitar & mandolin as well as our carry-ons was a little tricky on the train, but we managed just fine once we got everything to the hotel room.

Movenpick Hotel
View from our Hotel Room

This is a shot of our luxury hotel, the Movenpick, as well as a slice of our view from the room.  We secured a great rate through www.Priceline.com, I might add.  This is the first time I booked through Priceline because generally I’m just not comfortable with the mystery of not knowing exactly where we’re going to be booking before I plop down my cash.  I will admit that this worked out great!  The hotel was wonderful all the way around and the rate was very reasonable for 4 star accommodations.

And if you haven’t tried it before, check out BiddingForTravel.com where you can find out what recent bids have been accepted for the dates and destinations that you’re looking for.  That way you’re not over-bidding for your travel needs.

After we checked in on Monday, we had time to take a nice walk just to get the lay of the land near the hotel before the late sunset (around 1o pm).   The first sweet surprise was this precious older couple riding down the bike path.  You can’t tell from this point of view, but I would guess that these two were in their 70’s at least!  Just imagine how long they’ve been sharing these bicycle rides.  So precious!

The View from our Breakfast Table

And here’s the view from our breakfast table on Tuesday morning.  As you can see, it was right on the corner of a busy intersection.  Do you notice a trend?  There were bicycles of every size and shape with riders of every age and walk of life passing by continually.  I loved it!  The constant movement of people in such a healthy and natural way just seemed to bring so much life to the city.   I read that these bike riders can sometimes be a little crazy, but if we had stayed there a any longer I probably would have tried to talk Terry into renting a bike.  Riding in the city might be a bit daunting, but I would LOVE to take a ride out into the countryside.  Can you just imagine it?  It will definitely be on our list when we go back to Amsterdam.

As you can imagine, there’s so much more to show and tell about our short visit, but it will have to wait for another day.  So come back and see us soon!

More to come:

VanGogh Museum

Heineken Experience

Anne Frank House

Bloomenmarkt (flower market)

Canal Tour

Parks and Architecture

Food, of course!

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