Arizona Desert in Full Bloom

Exploring the Apache Trail

A few weeks ago we took a drive out on the Apache Trail with some of our dear friends to see the spring desert in bloom.

We made a quick stop at Lost Dutchman State Park to see if there were flowers in bloom there, but we were a bit too early for that area.  The Superstitions Mountians were gorgeously green though.

Spring in the desert is a beautiful thing, especially with all the rain we’ve had lately.

This is Canyon Lake.  We ate lunch by Apache Lake and also drove beside Roosevelt Lake.  It’s surprising how much water is out there in the desert.

We made a quick stop at Tortilla Flat.  Cathy found a nice necklace in the gift shop and we picked up some drinks in the restaurant.  This is the second place I’ve been this year where the walls are covered with dollar bills. I think it’s actually a clever way for the restaurant owners to make a few extra bucks.

Just look at these amazingly delicate flowers that bloom in the desert before it gets hot.  Wow!  Aren’t they beautiful?

Then when we got out to take pictures of the flowers we came across this old rusted out can.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a can that had to be opened this way, so I just had to take a picture of it.

And look at this sea of lupines!  Wow!  The roadsides were filled with them.
Here’s Cathy and Terry’s wandering around in the background.  You can see how green the mountains are in the distance too.
There were poppies too!  Isn’t this a sweet color combination?  Blue, white, and that butterscotch yellow!
Marshall had a bunch of new camera equipment that he was trying out, and I’ll bet he got some great photos.
We stopped to see Roosevelt Dam (which I had never been to).  If you look down near the lower right part of the dam, you’ll see two pick up trucks to give you an idea of the size of it.  It’s massive!

This bridge is just beyond the dam.  Originally the road actually went over the dam, but when they had to raise the height of the it they moved the road.

And since we were running out of daylight we didn’t have time to stop at Fish Creek or at Tonto National Monument, so I guess we’ll have to plan another trip out there.

All in all it was a perfect day!

Have you ever been there?

2 thoughts on “Arizona Desert in Full Bloom

  1. Hey Nancy, your photography is fantastic! I was on Boulder Canyon trail (South of Canyon lake) about the same time or maybe a bit later in the month, got some great pics at the bottom of the canyon and the flowers on the way down..


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