Happy 28th Birthday to our Daughter, Amy!

Since Kevin had his turn seeing his school pictures, now its Amy’s turn.  Today is her birthday and I asked her dad to write a birthday note for her too.  This first photo is Amy in Kindergarten.  They’re all cute photos as you’ll see.

Here’s the note from her dad:
Wow, are you actually that old? That’s pretty scary for your parents.
We’re so proud of you & what you’ve done with your life. We do wish you had decided to do it here in Phoenix instead of moving back to LA, but that’s OK.
We’re thankful for how you’ve grown & for the choices you’ve made – earning your Master’s, getting married, starting your own business. We’re so glad you brought Andrew into our family. And we’re very thankful for the marriage with which God has blessed you two.
I miss going to your plays & concerts – I still remember how proud I always felt watching you perform (maybe someday you could think about starting to do that again). I miss the other family times we spent together, like family vacations, holidays, and going to plays, concerts, & Suns games together. I remember how you & your brother used to pick on each other so much, and then what great friends you became.
It’s hard being separated from you by 400 miles and not seeing you as much as we’d like, but as long as I have history books you want to borrow, I know we’ll stay in touch.
Happy Birthday, my beautiful daughter!
Now slow down … I’m going to feel ancient when you turn 30.
Love, Dad
1st Grade
2nd/3rd Grade
Amy was one of just four or five 2nd graders in a combination 2nd/3rd grade class and by the end of the year the teacher recommended that she skip 3rd grade because she had been doing 3rd grade work all year anyway.  By then we didn’t have much choice since it would have been silly to make her sit thru 3rd grade again.  She handled the jump just fine.
4th Grade
(her shirt says “Chill Out”)
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade
(her casual photo – I like this one better than the formal one because it looks more real, like she is.)
Formal Senior Portrait
This was taken in 2005.  We sure love being with our girl.
And here’s Amy and her precious husband, Andrew in 2008.
We love them and miss them and wish they lived closer to us because they’re so much fun to have around.
Happy Birthday, Amy!  We hope you have a blast at Hearst Castle and an awesome year ahead.

2 thoughts on “Happy 28th Birthday to our Daughter, Amy!

  1. Happy Birthday Amy! Thanks Nancy for posting Amy's grade photos. I don't think I had ever seen them. And it's nice that Amy and Terry have such a thirst for history. hahahahahahaaha


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