Playing Music with Dave Argentati in Tucson

Last Friday, Terry and I drove down to Tucson so he could join his friends, Dave Argentati and Mark Converti to play music at the Glass Onion Cafe.
They played a mix of 70’s covers, James Taylor, Jim Croce and others, as well as a good supply of Dave’s original songs.  Terry even sang lead on a couple of old favorites.  One of these days I’ll get a video tape of it.
The cafe itself is a quaint little place with about 10 tables or so.  All the seats in the house were full and there were even people standing outside to listen to the music.  The photos behind the guys are called the “Wall of Fame”.  The owners take pictures of their patrons and hang them up on the wall.
Our friends, Doug & Liz Johnson (Liz is in red on the left -Doug is sitting in front of her on the other side of the table) from Santa Clarita, CA moved to Tucson a few years ago.  Liz and I have connected on Facebook and they were so sweet to come and hear Terry and the guys play.  They also brought their son, Zach (in brown) who is in high school now.  The last time we saw him, he was about 10 years old, so he’s changed A LOT and is quite a handsome, well mannered, young man.  He was so polite to sit thru 2 hours of oldies and songs that he’d never heard before.  Thanks Zach.
In this photo you can see a glimpse of Mark, the cellist sitting behind and between the guys.  He adds such a beautiful sound to the trio.
After the concert we had a chance to hang out with Dave, Kathrin and some of their friends.  What a great group of people they are.  It was such a fun night but we didn’t leave their house until midnight!  We had a wedding to go to the next day (more on that later) so we decided to do the 2 hour drive home.  Or should I say, Terry did the 2 hour drive home while I slept most of it.  I think we’re getting too old to stay out until after 2 am.  The next night we ended up coming home early after the wedding and I slept like a rock trying to catch up after a short night before.  It was well worth it though, and we would do it again in a second!  Maybe next time we’ll stay overnight in Tucson.
If you want to see a few more pictures you can go here.

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