Fort Myers, FL (Part 5) – This and That

Here are some places we visited just for fun.

We had a chance to “meet” Alice’s pets on Friday night.  Aren’t they the cutest little ones?  Lacey is a Pomeranian, but Alice keeps her trimmed really short (except her tail).  I really love the look.  She looks like a miniature fox.

And Charlie, the cat was given to her by her neighbor.  He’s a beauty, isn’t he?  He’s about twice the size of our cat, Shredder.

Diane was warming up for a fun evening.  She looks a little messy from the rain that fell earlier that night.  It’s amazing what humidity does to your hair.  I forget about that when we live here.

Saturday Alice took us to Norman Love Confections and it was wonderful!  Norman even came out and talked with us.  His chocolate is delicious!  Look at those gorgeous desserts!  I couldn’t talk anyone in our group into splitting one with me…bummer.

We also went to Manatee Park to see if we could get a glimpse of those interesting creatures.  We were able to see them poke their noses and tails (photo above) out of the water.  Sadly the cold weather there in the last month is taking it’s toll on this endangered species.

Made a quick stop at the Shell Factory and saw hundreds of shells of all shapes and sizes.   The store is pretty kitchy, but a fun place to visit. Look how cute my mom looks here.

While passing through town one day, we made a quick stop to see the Banyan tree at the site of the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford summer homes.  You can see Diane and Alice standing in the center.  Remember this is just ONE tree.  They’re all over southwestern Florida.  The homeowners keep them trimmed, but they are so unusual looking.

Several times while we were there we had to cross the Caloosahatchee River between Fort Myers and North Fort Myers.  It’s a huge river!  There seemed to be water everywhere we went.  We were never quite sure if we were looking at a river, a canal, the Gulf of Mexico or some other body of water.

We had dinner overlooking the beach. It was beautiful.  This is the view from our dinner table.  Doesn’t this look like a preview of the Spring Break crowd?

And here’s the view down the beach.

Here’s Diane daydreaming that she could live in Florida.  She couldn’t stop talking about moving there.  I told her she’d better go visit for a while in the summer before she made a final decision.  I can’t quite imagine 90 degrees with 90 percent humidity.  Can you say “stifling”?

So I leave you with a beautiful sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.  I hope you enjoyed the quick tour.  Tomorrow’s post will be about our cruise to Cabbage Key.

How would you feel about living in Florida?

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