Christmas ideas are brewing…

I just opened one of my favorite emails from Better Homes and Gardens ( and with just a few clicks found some great Christmas ideas

Below is the description that shows with the first photo, but the idea that I like best is having the pegs by the front door and a shelf too.  We don’t have a fireplace, hence no mantle and I haven’t found a great place to hang our family stockings, but I love this look and it would be so fun to have stockings hanging by the entry and a shelf to put our favorite Christmas trinkets.

“Set near the front door, a multi-tiered dessert stand offers departing visitors an array of thanks-for-coming confections, including cellophane-swathed molded cookies, bags of crimson candies, and tiny baskets chock-full of sweets.”

I also like the idea of painting or writing on glass.  They show a mirror here, but you could do the same thing on a window or glass door.  I was thinking of some simple snowflakes and a few cheery greetings.

This same email also had some fun ideas for non-traditional holiday color schemes.  Since we have a red sofa in the living room, our Christmas colors pretty much NEED to include red, so I’m a little bit limited.  Soon I’m hoping to get a neutral colored slipcover for my sofa (it’s on my wish list) so I can branch out to some new colors.  Anyway, this year I bought some natural colored kraft paper and some simple red and white print paper to wrap gifts.  I’m thinking of throwing in a little touch of black to make it a little more classy.   Picture brown kraft paper and red/white papers with red or black twine or ribbon of all sorts.  I’m not sure yet…we’ll see how things turn out when I get everything out to decorate.

I’m looking forward to getting started with decorating this weekend.  Even though it’s not the end of the month yet, we have a busy December so I want to start early.  Besides, last year we were out of town for part of December so I didn’t do much decorating.  This year I hope to have some more time to work on it.

What are you planning that’s new for your holiday decor this year?

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