Today is Terry’s dad’s birthday and here are a few photos from his life!  

This first one is of him and his brother, Dick.

I love this one of him trying to do yard work with an injured foot.  What a hero!  I wonder if he actually got anything done that day.

And check out the primitive backpack that he used to carry Julie around when they were camping.  Pretty interesting, huh?

And then there’s this awesome one of all the Hann boys.  Did you know that our Amy was the first Hann girl born in 3 generations?  Terry’s little sister Julie was adopted.   Coincidentally, Amy is in the bottom photo with Dad, Ginny, Terry and I.  We were eating at the Mining Camp, one of the Hann family’s favorite places to go.  Everything is served family style (all you can eat).  What other place would you want to go with 5 hungry boys to feed?

We are so blessed to have Terry Sr. (Theron) in our lives.  Especially for me, since my dad passed away when I was 20 years old.  Terry (Sr.) is the only grandfather that our children have ever known and they love him dearly.

He’s such a sweet man, full of love, joy, compassion and kindness.  He loves to laugh, joke and have fun!

We’re looking forward to celebrating his big birthday when we’re back there visiting next week!


(Ginny, Don’t forget that you can click on each of this photos to make them cover the whole screen.)

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