Happy 75th Birthday Mom!

On Saturday we had a 75th birthday celebration for Terry’s mom.  She has been a mother (raised 5 boys and a girl), wife, sister, aunt, great-aunt, grandmother, daughter, partner, co-worker and friend to so many and she hasn’t had a birthday party in many many years so we thought it was time to honor her and celebrate her life.

We were a little disappointed (especially for her sake) that more people weren’t able to make it, but we enjoyed our time with those who could be there.  We had Mexican food for dinner (one of her favorites) and showed slides of some of her life history.  We also had Costco Chocolate cake with Chocolate Mousse filling, which is her favorite dessert.  Fortunately, the smallest size we could get was the half sheet cake, so there were lots of leftovers for everyone to take home.  Mom said she’d freeze individual slices to spread them out over the coming weeks.  Good for her!

Another fun surprise was that her sister, Patty (in New York) contacted a bunch of their cousins and other relatives that Carole hadn’t seen in a long time and asked them to send birthday cards to our house before the party.  So when she arrived we had a basket full of birthday wishes for her.  She really enjoyed hearing from all those folks after so many years.

I found another use for the branch in the living room, too.  These are photos from various seasons in Carole’s life (click to enlarge).  It was so much fun going thru old pics to find some of these wonderful ones.  Thanks Amy, for scanning all those old Hann family slides and thanks to Patty and Susan for sending some that they had at home too.

I’m so thankful to have a mother-in-law that’s so kind and sweet and loves to laugh.  She’s always been patient with her children and their spouses, no matter what.  She has never tried to give unsolicited advice and always forgives and loves her family thru thick and thin.  When I hear so many horror stories about some “mothers-in-law” I’m so thankful that mine is so awesome!  What a blessing to have her in our lives.  I only wish we could see her more often.

So all in all several generations were in attendance for Carole’s big day:

Check out a few of our favorites from the slideshow that we put together for her.



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