Disneyland with the Family
When Terry and I arrived at Disneyland with Amy, Andrew and Kevin on Sep 20th, they had already begun decorating the park for Halloween.  In fact, Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion were both closed for decorating.  We were a little disappointed since Space Mtn had been closed for a total re-do when Terry and I were there the last time (which was about 5 years ago) and we’ve heard so many great reports on it since then.  Oh well, I guess it just gives us a good reason to go back again soon.
Here are a few highlights of the first part of the day.  You can also see more details on Amy’s blog here.
Here are the guys doing Splash Mountain just before they plunged into the water.  They didn’t get too wet though, which was probably good.  Amy and I decided not to go on it because it was in the afternoon and we didn’t want to be wet when the sun went down.
I think part of the reason that the kids get tired before the end of the day, is because they wear shoes with no support, so their legs and backs hurt by the end of the day.   As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become much more picky about my shoes, especially when I’m going to be wearing them all day.  It’s amazing the difference it makes!
Don’t you just love the detail at the Disney parks?  These squirrels are at the tops of the pillars on one of the rides in FantasyLand.  I think it was Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.  Look for them next time you’re there.
I was very impressed with how well frozen my Mickey ice cream bar was on a warm afternoon.  I’m not sure how they keep them so cold in those little freezers.  It was creamy and delicious!
And isn’t it great how they made Captain Jack look like Johnny Depp on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride?
Can you tell that Amy was a bit warm that day?  It was actually warmer than I thought it would be, but definitely much better than a visit in the summer would be and the lines were great – especially for a weekend day!
Don’t Amy & Andrew look so cute?
Terry and Kevin look pretty interested in something on the ground, but I’m not sure what it is.
Next we visit California Adventure, where Kevin has never been before.

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