Sorry this is late, but I wanted to get in a birthday wish for my sister-in-law, Kristi and our nephew, Spencer.  His birthday was Saturday and hers was Monday (sorry to be so late).  I hope it was a special day of fun with family and friends for both of them.

Here’s a picture of Kristi and Ted on their wedding day when we officially welcomed her into the family.  Isn’t she gorgeous?

This one of Spencer was taken just a couple of weeks ago when we were there and the guys were jamming on guitars.  Spencer has one of Terry’s old guitars.  It’s so awesome to see him playing it.  It’s nice when you see someone else getting good use out of something that you’ve given away.

And the one below is a family picture from a couple of years ago of the whole gang.

We were glad that we had a chance to hang out with them when we were in Santa Clarita a few weeks ago.  I’ll post some more pics of that soon, I promise.

We used to live just a few miles from them for almost 20 years (a couple in AZ, then 18 more in So Cal).  We miss being able to see them and share holidays and celebrations with them.  It’s been fun sorting pictures these last few weeks and getting to see them all again at all ages.

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to both of you!  Hope they were good ones.

We love you guys!

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  1. What a beautiful family.Hey Nancy, thank you so much for the sunflower note pad. That was sooo sweet and thoughtful of you!! As always, you make me feel so loved and I am humbled by the way you express that love in so many creative ways.Love you dear friend,Linda


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