Blog Changes Brewing…

Hi all !  Hey I have some new ideas brewing for my blog and I’m getting close to my 500th post, which I think is a good time to make changes.

First off, I want to change the name to something more unique and easy to remember.  Do you have any suggestions?  I still hope to cover a little bit of everything – home, travel, friends, family and even some magazine reviews, household tips, sewing (when I get my machine), crafts, etc.  I’m hoping to be able to categorize better though, so folks can find the subjects they want to read about.  I may be changing blog hosts as well.  I’ve heard good things about, but I’d love to get some input.

I was thinking of calling my blog “Dibble Dabs”  which is what my mom uses to describe a small bit of something, as in “Do you want more mashed potatoes?  Oh, just give me a dibble dab.”  It sounds a little funny when you say it out loud as a stand alone title.  Is that good?  Probably not…not sure.

I’d love to get some suggestions from all you creative people out there who’ve read my blog at least a little bit.

Looking forward to hearing from you either here or via email (for those who are afraid of commenting on a blog).  Thanks for reading and responding.

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  1. Everything you described is a journey, an adventure… and you are a planner, a dreamer… as you intentionally travel through life. You either physically bring others along on those adventures, or you generously share your experiences on your blog. You love to explore and discover and learn from life and others.Something along those lines says a lot about you and what your blog is about.


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