Pictures, Pictures, & Postcards…

So I have been “working” on sorting our old photographs for at least 6 months. Well let’s say, I started it at least 6 months ago and they have been sitting in the office on this table waiting for me to finish. I started with about 13 shoeboxes full of photos and I filled a wastebasket with duplicates and ones that were poor quality and I still have almost that many boxes to fill back up.

I’ve been working on it most of the weekend.

I sorted them by subject. For example:

Amy & Friends
Kevin & Friends
Amy & Kevin
Terry and Me
Hann extended family
Perkins extended family
Places we’ve been
Etc., Etc.

Now I just need to make up labels for the boxes and put them away so I can find what I need when I want them. I can’t wait to get them off the table and then finish cleaning up the desk area. We’ve been living with piles for quite a while.

We also picked up these cool vintage reproduction postcards at the Grand Canyon. They are all National Parks that we’ve visited. Be sure to click to enlarge to see the great colors and artwork. We want to get them all in one frame with a nice mat to hang in the office with the rest of our travel posters. Too bad Andrew doesn’t do framing anymore. Oh well, I guess we’ll have to pay for it. I will try to save money by getting a standard size frame for them to fit into.

One thought on “Pictures, Pictures, & Postcards…

  1. Way cool Nancy. I have been glued to PBS all weekend… watching the National Parks series. Randy just came in our bedroom and told me we're going to go to all of them. He's hooked now.My craft room looks just the same… piles of pics on tables everywhere. Sure has been fun going down memory lane though..


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