Let’s Rewind…
Life has been so busy for us over the last few weeks that I’ve missed posting about several wonderful outings that we’ve had, so I’m going to rewind a bit and see if we can catch up on some of the fun.

Back in mid-September we had one jam-packed night!

We had the chance to ride the Phoenix Light Rail (aka Valley Metro) for the first time. After work, we drove down to central Phoenix with Marshall and Cathy and met some other friends, John and Suzi at the Metro station at Central Avenue and Camelback Road. Coincidentally, that’s around the same place where I had taken pictures (above) a few weeks before when we drove down Central to Terry’s musical “gig” at St. George’s.

I like the new look of the area. It looks a lot different than when I went to Central High School back in the 70’s. The Baskin Robbins and Lunt Avenue Marble Club are missing from the north corners of the intersection and of course the light rail fills the southwest corner.

Within minutes, the clean and quiet train delivered us just steps from Chase Field, so we could watch a Diamondbacks game with a great group of friends and folks from Open Door. The Dbacks played the Colorado Rockies and won 7 – 5. That was a nice bonus.

After the game, we were treated to fireworks above the stadium.

Then we heard two Diamondback players share about their faith. Stephen Drew and Blaine Boyer.

And to end the evening, we got a free concert by the band, Mercy Me also at the stadium. You could tell by watching him, that the leader of the band, Bart Millard has a sweet and gentle spirit and a great voice, of course. (Amy you need to look at his favorite artist/band and movie in his bio.)

They closed with one of my favorite songs. Actually I want it to be played at my funeral, o.k.? It’s called “I can only Imagine” and it’s about going to heaven.

After a long full evening we headed back to the Metro station to catch a ride back to our cars. The ride back was much more crowded, but still very smooth and fairly easy. A few other friends were on the same car on the train ride back…Don, Carol, Bruce & Ellen.

Soon we arrived at our Central and Camelback stop. It was after midnight, but well worth the long evening. We said goodbye to John and Suzi, then headed home.

What a fun adventure with a precious group of friends…and the next morning Terry and I had to get up and drive to Los Angeles to see Amy, Andrew and Kevin. Crazy weekend, but what a blast!

More on that to come…

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