Coastal Living
Have I told you lately that I love Coastal Living Magazine? (o.k., maybe so.) But have you seen the September issue?

As always, it’s packed with great decorating, travel and food tips. Three of those things that I love most.

The piece that caught my attention was about Venice Beach, California. Having lived for 18 years in So Cal, this brought back some great memories. Venice is one of the places that we used to take our out-of-town visitors to experience what was uniquely Los Angeles. Based on the article, it sounds like it’s an even more fun, eclectic and refreshing place to visit than when we were there years ago. I can’t wait to stop by again when I’m in town to visit Amy & Andrew.

I also loved the article about Key West, Florida. This is a destination that we haven’t had the privilege of visiting yet, but is definitely big on our list. We’ll hold onto this info in our travel folder to refer to when we get the chance to visit that part of the country.

I love the anticipation of visiting new places!

…Are we there yet?

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