Day 5 – Gondola, Dinner and Music
Tuesday turned out to be the perfect day to venture to the top of Mt. Werner. The high temperature in town was 72 degrees and they said it was less than 8 degrees cooler at the top. We were concerned about it being windy, so we wore several layers to be sure we were well insulated if there was a lot of wind. Fortunately there was none to speak of. Whatever breeze there was, was welcome to offset the warm sun beating down on us. We rode the gondola to a little over 9000 ft then took several trails to enjoy the views and the mountain. It was such a treat to have such awesome weather and gorgeous scenery to enjoy.
You’ll notice that you hardly see Kevin with a straight face. He’s decided that he wants to look goofy in all of his pictures, so I have to try to sneak up on him to get him without a strang
When we got off the gondola, I saw this sign with the names of some of the runs. I thought it was funny that one was named Ted’s Ridge. We all know that Terry’s brother, Ted is NOT a skier and that the ridge should more appropriately be named Tim’s Ridge after his other brother that loves to ski. Oh well, what do they know.

Later in the day we drove downtown to have dinner at Mazzola’s, an Italian restaurant in town.

While we were there, Randy tried Calamari for the first time. Before he tried it, he didn’t seem to mind too much knowing that it was little baby squid with tentacles and all, but afterward, he didn’t seem too keen on having more. It was brave of him to try though.

Generally the food was pretty good. They brought Terry the wrong order and he had to wait a while for the right item while all of us were eating, but they made up for it by comping his item. I really liked my Lemon Scallops with linguini and the others liked their pizzas. It was a nice treat to eat out! After being a waitress for many years, I have to admit that I always enjoy being waited on.

When we got back to the condo the guys broke out the guitars and had some fun playing oldies from this huge binder of songs that Randy got from his brother. Funny thing was that his brother had inserted the wrong words in several of the songs and we had a good laugh at the words that he assumed were part of some of these songs.

I LOVE just sitting and listening to live music and singing, sometimes singing along. I am so thankful that our family and so many friends are musically inclined. It’s a gift to me whenever I get to have a night like this.

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  1. Kristi and I went skiing…once…and had a very good time – lots of fun. It was with Tim and Kim, of course. It's just hard to become a skier growing up in Phoenix, and moving to LA (not to mention $).So I imagine my ridge is all craggy and rocky, and not very ski-able.


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