Day 4 – Enjoying our little vacation town
So Sunday night we all enjoyed a good night’s sleep, then decided to explore the little town of Steamboat Springs (population around 10,000). We headed down to the path that follows the Yampa River as well as the main highway that runs thru town.

Except for the fact that we enjoyed a nice walk in the refreshing mountain air, it was relatively uneventful. Afterward we came back, had lunch then took a drive downtown to check out the shops.

As soon as we got there, the guys thought Linda and I were taking too long in the first store so they ditched us to go find a music store. Kevin needed buy some guitar strings for later when the guys are gonna play together. We didn’t see them again for a long time.

Linda and I had a great time exploring all around town. We found some very unique and beautiful jewelry, but didn’t buy anything yet. We also went into a kitchen store and I found this awesome 3 tiered metal stand. It can be used for almost anything! Cupcakes, cookies, fruit, craft supplies, breads, etc. I can also thread ribbon thru the wire or add colored paper or doilies or whatever. I’m very excited about it!
When we were about halfway thru town the guys called us and were ready to meet up again. They had walked the length of town about 3 times and were getting tired. This is them coming down the street. Aren’t my boys silly.

We decided to get an ice cream treat in a nearby candy store too! Sweet – literally. Fun coincidence that Terry was wearing an ice cream T-shirt from Tillamook, Oregon.

Linda and I had found an old fashioned black & white photo booth in the local drug store and went back with the guys to do a couple of photo shoots. Randy & Linda did one together, then Terry, Kevin and I did one. The strips of pics came out pretty dark, but I’m hoping I can scan them and lighten them when we get home. I’ll post them if we can get them to look good. The expressions are priceless!

Check out this awesome retro gas station sign. Love it!

After we got back home, Linda was inspired to take some photos of these gorgeous peaches that we bought in Meeker. They are delicious! And the wine bottle that they brought coordinated so well in the color scheme that she just couldn’t resist the combination. Lovin’ this still life.

Later in the evening we spent time catching up online, loading and editing photos, etc.

We also gathered around the laptop to watch Miranda and Phoebe’s latest video release, which was so much fun! Thanks girls for sharing all the joy of your trip with the rest of the world. We wish we could have been there with you!


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