Today is my 3 year blogging anniversary!

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been typing away online for 3 years (over 1095 days) with a total of 443 posts! That’s an average of a post about every 2 1/2 days.

This photo was from my first post back in 2006. A lot has changed since then. I have a new job, which is only 4 days a week. It allows me more time for home, family and friends (an answer to prayer). Amy & Andrew are living in So Cal, with college degrees and working in totally new careers. Kevin is single and officially finished with active duty in the Air Force. For now he is in Omaha, Nebraska and we’re waiting to hear if he’ll be coming home or moving on to another location.

We have made dozens of changes around the house, including our most recent, a new front yard. And to top it off, Terry and I have had some wonderful times with friends and family both at home and elsewhere. Plus we have taken some amazing trips! Of course, we had some sad times, lost some precious friends and family and dealt with other losses and struggles, but overall we know that God is so good and we’re thankful for the life He has given us. My mom turned 85 this year and Terry’s parents are turning 75 soon. All are healthy, happy and independent. Which is just where they want to be.

What a blessing to be reminded of so many wonderful gifts we’ve had in life, even when just looking at the last 3 years.

On a somewhat related note…I’ve been thinking about dividing my blog into 2 different ones. A new one would be for activities around the house like cooking, landscaping, decorating, crafts, etc. The existing one “Down the Road and Back Again”, would concentrate on topics away from home like traveling, vacations, things to see and do, activities with friends & family, etc. It would continue to have more of my personal journey, history and stories and the new one would probably be a little more informative, creative, with training, ideas, etc. for folks who don’t want to hear about my personal life.

Of course, I would hope that friends and family would follow both. I don’t have any expectations that the readership would pick up, it just seems more logical to me. Will you let me know what you think?

I also need to come up with a name for the second blog, if I do it. I was thinking of something like “just puttering…”. I’m assuming everyone knows that expression, but I’d love to hear your suggestions.

By the way, Terry’s mom showed me how to make beautiful bows for packages or decorating and I’m thinking of posting step by step photos & instructions on how to make them as one of the first on the new blog. They’re so easy and turn out beautifully! Watch for it.

Oh, I took this photo on our way back to Prescott from Phoenix a few weeks ago. We were driving north on Cave Creek road. I just can’t get enough of these Arizona sunsets, especially in the summer.

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