My Hometown:

Look at this amazing photo that was taken by a new connection from Vermilion, Ohio, my hometown. Scott Dommin has started posting photos on a Facebook page about Vermilion. and I’ve been enjoying a tour of the local sights.

The lighthouse isn’t functional, but is a replica of an 1877 one that stood in the Vermilion Harbor long ago. It sits right next to the little Inland Seas Maritime Museum. Immediately to the right, just past the bushes is the sometimes sandy and sometimes rocky shore of Lake Erie.

This picture reminds me of the awesome summer storms that I could see from my 2nd story bedroom window. They would roll in off Lake Erie filling the skies with this spectacular lightening show. It was mostly exciting, but sometimes a bit frightening when the thunder and lightening got a little too close for comfort.

We used to swim in the lake until the last possible moment before the storm came in, then we’d go swimming again after the storms. We would always be guaranteed great waves at those times, which made things quite interesting. I remember one time being convinced that I would never make it back to the pier because the waves kept washing me farther and farther away. But God was watching over me and I did make it back safe and sound.

Just another reminder of God’s constant protective hand on us. What an awesome God we serve! He’s big enough to create the storms, but personally involved enough to carry us thru them!

Thanks Scott, for sharing this picture.

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  1. I love Vermilion, OH. My husband is a Cleveland native, and we lived in OH for 13 years before our "moving years" began in '89. We used to visit Vermilion. In fact, I loved a gift store located there. can't remember the name, but I can picture the building.


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