I’ve never been a huge Starbucks fan, mostly because a lot of their coffee is just too strong for me. I have to add so much stuff to doctor it up that it’s out of control on calories. Add to that the cost and it just has (fortunately) never become a regular habit for us.

We do however have a couple of traditions that are brewing (get it?). Usually when we’re headed out of town on a trip we’ll pull in the drive-thru at the Starbucks between here and the freeway and pick up a couple of drinks for the road.

Lately on Sunday mornings when Terry and I both have to go to church very early to help with worship and we carpool with our friend, Don we’ll also grab a cup at the one that’s just a few blocks the other direction. We leave the house around 6:30 am, call Don to get his coffee order, then Terry drops me off at Starbucks to pick up the drinks while he goes a few more blocks to pick up Don. By the time they get back, I have the drinks and I’m ready to go. Easy peasy and a fun treat for an early morning!

A few weeks ago we were repeating this ritual and I happened to have my camera with me. The sun was peeking thru the clouds and I snapped these shots of the sky and the coffee cups just for fun while I was waiting for the guys to pick me up. Think about it. Someday, someone will look at this photo and say “What’s Starbucks?”

Did I mention before that I love the gorgeous clouds in Arizona during monsoon season? They make everything in the sky so much more interesting.

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  1. I can't drink Starbucks either. It is just too strong and makes me feel sick….I did find a Starbucks coffee that doesn't make me sick…..Vanilla-Skinny-Latte. It isn't strong at all, so when my friends want to meet at Starbucks, I have something to order.Also, Linda is right about McDonalds. Their coffee is good and cheap. I like their ice coffee.


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