A new form of art!
As mentioned before, we visited Terry’s mom, Carole, this weekend and while we were there she showed us this new piece of “OvenArt” that she created. Can you tell what it’s made of?

I asked her if she’d pose with it, but she declined, so I decided to do a few different views of it to help you truly appreciate the piece.

I love the abstract nature of it…the tentacle-like legs reaching out between the vertical metal bars. It almost looks like a jelly fish or some otherworldly creature. It think she should sell it.

Now can you tell what it is?

I’ll reveal the secret at the end of this story.

Terry has always told me the stories of when they were growing up, his mom used to store bags of potato chips in their oven because she didn’t have enough cabinet space to store them anywhere else. Every once in a while, she would forget that they were in there and turn on the oven to bake something. As you can imagine, it wasn’t long before things were smelling strangely, the room would fill with smoke and sometimes, if she was really busy (and distracted) they even caught on fire. Fortunately nothing else in the house went up in flames.

Now, I must say, in her defense that taking care of a family with 6 kids (5 of whom were rambunctious boys) had to be so much more than a full time job. You can’t really blame her for overlooking a measly bag of potato chips in her busy day.

Have you figured out the artwork yet?

It’s actually a couple of plastic container covers melted down thru her oven rack. She put them in there because she didn’t have room anywhere else for them. Sound familiar?

It’s nice to know that she can laugh at herself though. We love her for that.

I really do think she could sell it.

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  1. I would say that maybe it's time for us to discuss who's going to "take care" of Mom…but as you pointed out, she's been doing this for decades, so I guess it's not an indication of anything.And I was pretty sure it was a plastic bowl from the first pic. But again, I have experience in this area.


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