A Weekend with Mom Hann
We drove up to Prescott this past weekend to spend some time with Terry’s mom, Carole. We had offered to take her to see the musical, Wicked, for her Christmas present and decided to go and pick her up so she wouldn’t have to make the drive down alone.

As an added bonus, we had a chance to get out of the extreme heat for a few days.

On Sunday, we drove down from Prescott to ASU’s Gammage Auditorium for the musical. This is what we saw when we sat down. It’s a little out of focus since I couldn’t use a flash and had a long lens, but it was a pretty cool sight of the stage curtain with the lurking dragon, map of the Emerald City, Oz and more.

The play was excellent! I love the songs and the woman who played Glinda (or Galinda), Katie Rose Clarke did an awesome job! She was hilarious and her subtle mannerisms added just the right touch to make things even funnier.

While we were at Terry’s mom’s we were talking about some of the items that she has around the house and found out that this little piano was a gift to her from her parents on her 7th birthday (68 years ago). It was one of two mini-sized Wurlitzer grand pianos that were window display models at their neighborhood piano store (1 black and 1 white one). She was told that there were no others made, but we’re guessing that maybe they made one for each store, which would still be a very limited number of these pianos. I took some pictures of it, and I’m thinking I might try taking the photos to the Antiques Roadshow in a couple of weeks. I’m not sure if they can give me any kind of appraisal on photos, but it would be worth it to get even an idea if it’s worth anything. just so she knows.

She says it’s very heavy, a little wobbly and in need of tuning, but pretty unique, don’t you think?

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  1. She's been trying to convince me for forever that the little piano is worth something…and I've been mocking her for just as long.She would probably be VERY happy with you if you could prove her right, and me wrong.


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