Drum Roll Please…
For those of you who aren’t on Facebook, here’s a link to a series of pictures showing the transformation of our front yard from haphazard, and relatively hideous to clean, neat and hopefully welcoming. Of course, you need to imagine all the plants and trees bigger and with flowers on them. Most of the plants we chose are flowering ones to add color to the desert landscape. We’ll have purple, orange, yellow, red, and lavender when everything fills in.

Eventually we’ll also be adding plants to the shelves in front of the windows, but I’m on the hunt for the perfect planters and that’s taking a little longer than I thought.

I would have loved to have a lush grass lawn and a full cottage style garden, but that’s not quite reality for Phoenix, especially if we want to honor water conservation and the fact that we live in a desert that hits 100+ degrees so many days of the year. Plus we wanted to make it as low maintenance as possible for Terry, but still have some usefulness, color and beauty. I’m actually pretty amazed that there are still so many nice plants that will survive in this weather. God is good in giving us beautiful things to look at even in the desert.

You’ll see in this 2nd picture that we have a good sized patio for enjoy the outdoors in the cooler weather. We’re talking about bringing our copper fire pit out to the front sometimes to enjoy evenings with friends (when it’s cooler, of course).

Be sure to click on the link above to see all the steps that it took to get here. I hope you like it.

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