Sam’s 60th Birthday (in May)
I am finally getting around to posting about our friend, Sam’s 60th birthday party. (Thanks Ann for reminding me…sorry it took so long) I ended up being one of the few people with a camera there, so I took as many pics as possible to pass along to Sam and his family so they could have some memories kept of his big night. And it was quite a night!

What a special time of honoring this dear man for his life and commitment to Christ and the love he shows to everyone that crosses his path. Terry and I are truly blessed to have known him for over 3 decades. Since my blog is also intended to be a personal history of sorts, I’ll share a little more about Terry and my history with Sam in another post soon, so come back and visit or set up an RSS feed if you want to know more.

Sam’s beautiful wife, Ann (in the orange dress) and their kids did a wonderful job planning and executing the party for quite a large group of friends. We had a delicious Mexican buffet and all the trimmings.

When we first arrived we had a chance to visit Sam’s own personal bar area that he built in their garage. It’s pretty amazing actually. Filled with all kinds of sports memorabilia and even a full working bar. There is a dress code though. You have to wear a tie if you go in there. Which is why you’ll see a bunch of people with random ties on. Sam will provide a tie for you if you forget to bring your own.

After our visit to the bar, we joined the rest of the party, had dinner and caught up with more old friends. Then the mic was turned on and people started to share about the impact that Sam has had on their lives. It started with Sam’s son and daughter and continued with many friends old and new. It was a beautiful night of affirmation and love!

This photo is of Dennis, Sam, John and Terry who were roommates in the 70’s before all of them were married. I’ll tell more about that in my “history” post. They were quite an eclectic group of guys!
Here’s another group of guys from our church and some other dear old friends. A wonderful time was had by all. We were honored to be there.

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