Call in to this radio show, Saturday please…

I promised my friend, Allen that I would put in a plug to encourage people to call in to his radio show.

Would you be able to call in a home improvement question to him this Saturday? He can handle any kind of questions. The show airs Saturday from 9-11 AM Central time, so be sure to calculate the time difference.

It’s even a toll free number! 800-946-4420.

Here’s a little taste
of what he’s doing when he’s not doing the radio show.

Allen and I used to work together for a residential builder in Southern California. Now he’s back living in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama and traveling the countryside as co-host on the TV Show – Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford. I’m sure you’ll pick up on the accent if you call in or watch the show. It doesn’t air in Phoenix, but could be on locally where you are. If you go here you can enter your zip code and see if it airs in your area.

Now I’m sure there’s some burning question that you’d love to get an answer for, so give him a call Saturday.

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